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At that time, the daughter-in-law compared the man in the couple with him, which impressed him deeply.

At that time, the daughter-in-law compared the man in the couple with him, which impressed him deeply. Unexpectedly, before the man left the shop, he unexpectedly said something to them, meaning something. Of course they didn't. Husband and wife are both civil servants, because of the family relationship, the promotion is quite fast, he is now 40 years old, is already a city. Committee . Books . Remember There are many people who give gifts to them for various reasons, and there are also many people who use feudal superstition as a reason. For example, some jade articles that are said to have been opened, in fact, the focus is on jade. How could a random person say that his wife's hairpin was not good and they believed it. Besides, the hairpin was a gift from his wife's sister. Because one of the old people in the family believed in this, he paid attention to it, and his wife simply did not care at all. On the way home, nothing happened. Some of his heart fell back to the original place. He shook his head and felt a little silly. He believed in this feudal superstition. But this time he made a mistake. He felt something was wrong in the middle of the night. His hands and feet were inexplicably cool, and there seemed to be a gaze staring at him in the dark,silk ficus tree, which made his scalp tingle. He wanted to open his eyes and wake up, but he couldn't open them anyway. It was not until the sun was shining that he was awakened by a scream. His wife was looking under the curtain and screaming, and the bloody footprints came this way, and the amulet from his grandmother turned black. Zhao Qingyun still has a little blurred brain instantly awake, back out of a layer of cold sweat. After the chaos of war, hugged his wife to comfort him, hurriedly called the police station,outdoor ficus tree, the results of the police came, but nothing disappeared under the curtain, blood, blood footprints … There is nothing. Had it not been for the graying amulet, he might have really thought it was their own imagination. He and his wife made a prompt decision to send the hairpin to the temple outside the city, and then took his wife home. His grandmother still has some safety charms in her hand. But it didn't work. It's really useless. I can still feel the cold gaze every night these two days. When I woke up in the morning, the footprints were getting closer and closer. Where they lived, there was a cool smell, and the house was like an ice cellar when the weather was hot. Also invited some masters to come over, but unfortunately some of those masters did not know what to say in the house to dance a few sets of gods, and some said that the problem of ancestral graves, and even around his house a few times, selling their own gossip mirror. The only one who could have genuine talent and learning, but when he arrived at his door, fake ficus tree ,large artificial blossom trees, his face changed and he waved his hand repeatedly, saying that he could not do it and that he could refund the money. Hint whether he has offended anyone. His grandmother also happened to meet a fortune-teller on the road that year and got a few safety charms. At this time, she couldn't find a place to look for them. The family is anxious for them, in order not to involve the family, they still live in their own home. Mother's sister cried, knowing that she was in trouble, anxious to explain that her hairpin was also auctioned at an auction, if there was a problem, she would never give it to her sister. Remembering the man's words, he could only use a dead horse as a living horse. While continuing to invite the master, he asked people to look for the man. He thought it was easy to find. It was no problem for this identity to transfer the monitoring in the shop and on the road. As a result, there was a problem with the monitoring, and the traces of the two men could not be found outside the shop. I didn't expect to see the traces of the two of them on the Internet today. Zhao Qingyun was overjoyed that it was the way of heaven and man. . At the same time. A woman clenched her hands into fists, her eyes flashing, muttering to herself in the air, not knowing who she was talking to. Is her life really not in danger? "No." A woman's beautiful voice came, which sounded very intoxicating and bewitched, "Do you regret it?" She won't stop even if she regrets. The woman remembered what she had said. "No, I don't regret it." "I don't regret it. I just took what I deserved. She enjoyed it for so many years." She spoke so fast that she didn't know whether she was convincing herself or others. . The old Taoist priest's eyes were bright and his eyes narrowed with a smile, as if he had seen the admiring expression on his face when the others looked at him after he went back. Qu Su: "… … …" Jing Yu thought and thought, and said in a gentle voice, "probably let me not make any more mistakes." If you make a mistake, you have to kneel. The old Taoist priest was stunned for a moment and almost pulled out one of his beards. "It's not this. Why do you think this kind of instrument is so deterrent?" What features make it so powerful. Jing Yu first looked at the eye Qu Su, very gentle and polite, "Master, you do not use honorific, call me Xiaojing, as to why …" So powerful, He pondered. "It should be the thorn on the top. It has nothing but thorns. The texture is extremely sharp and the quantity is extremely large." It is particularly painful to kneel. The old Taoist priest didn't notice what he said about not using honorific titles at all. His attention was still focused on the instruments. Men are always particularly interested in cars and weapons. He was suddenly enlightened, with a look of admiration on his face. "Indeed, just stabbing is enough." Retaining only the thorn as a means of attack and perfecting this function to the extreme is also unbeatable in a sense. Attack is the best defense. After all, materials are limited, and one more function and another function need to be weakened accordingly. It is indeed worthy of Yang Shen's great power and extraordinary insight, and simple words contain great principles. Jing Yu added, "Too much is not good." Anything else, like a razor blade or something, he'll cry. The old Taoist also sighed with emotion and nodded in agreement. "Indeed." Too much is as bad as not enough, and you still need to be specialized. The two of them were talking together, and the old Taoist priest sighed with emotion on his face. Brother Qu, who had listened to the whole process, turned pale. "Master, don't listen to his nonsense." If it is really made into such a magic instrument, it is estimated that it will be a pill sooner or later in the monastic world. Old Taoist hurriedly interrupted,artificial coconut palm trees, serious face, "what nonsense, this is the senior!" 。


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