Infusion Vacuum Pump manufacturers

Infusion Vacuum Pump manufacturersInfusion Vacuum Pump manufacturersInfusion Vacuum Pump manufacturers

Infusion Vacuum Pump manufacturers Rotary-vane vacuum pump for resin infusion ,It can effectively discharge the bubbles in the resin and fiber impregnation process, increase the impregnation effect of the resin on the fiber, and further improve the mechanical properties such as the strength, hardness, and tensile strength of the composite product. At the same time, the purpose of automatic control of pressure, leakage and overload, running time, and vacuum degree display is realized. In practical applications, it is convenient to move,easy to use, and controllable GSV-10GSV-100GSV-200 Main PumpFuji 10Atlas SV100BAtlas SV100B 2 Sets Rated Airflow10 m鲁/h100 m鲁/h200 m鲁/h Ultimate Pressure鈮?. 089mbar鈮?.5mbar鈮?.5mbar Nominal Motor Rating1.5KW2.2KW2.2KW*2 Powder supply220V 1-phase 1-wire380V 3-phase 4-wire380V 3-phase 4-wire Buffer Tank Capacity50L/90L500L/600L500L/600L Size0.65*0.28*0.66m1.5*0.76*1.25m1.8*0.9*1.4m Weight46KG220KG300KG The use of vacuum infusion molding technology can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve working hygiene conditions. Because the entire tooling system is airtight, it reduces the operator's contact with harmful substances and makes the process simple. Generally, 1 to 6 air inlet valves can be installed according to user requirements. A universal wheel is installed at the bottom of the air storage tank of the vacuum pump system. Two universal wheels are generally arranged, and they are arranged symmetrically along the longitudinal center axis of the gas storage tank, which is convenient for movement and saves time and effort. Vacuum composite material:vacuum pump,vacuum bagging film,peel ply,release film,sealant tape,resin flow mesh,vacuum hose,quick connector,resin collector Q锛歐hat is the voltage used by the vacuum pump system锛?/p A锛?80V 3-phase 4-wire Q锛欻ow many kilowatts does the vacuum pump system use?锛?/p A锛?.2KWInfusion Vacuum Pump manufacturers website:


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