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The clamor rose and fell one after another, and the war of words triggered by a micro-blog escalated again.

The clamor rose and fell one after another, and the war of words triggered by a micro-blog escalated again. Some people even went to find out who the girl was in the picture? Where do you live? Age? Native place? Su ran ran rubbed his eyebrows, and his heart suddenly jumped twice. Mi Yueyue made her final statement at the other end, "Whoo, Xiao Ran Ran, what should you do if your husband sees you?" "What if I see what?" Meng Yanning, who did not know when to appear, came leisurely. Su Ran Ran: ".." All right, the vinegar king is on the line. The author has something to say: I want to collect the article "Love Alone" and "Love Only" in advance. Chapter 46. Meng Yanning walked in with elegant steps. His golden ratio figure was particularly pleasing to the eye. He wore a gray suit today. His blue plaid tie was meticulous, and his delicate collarbone was hidden in the dark. The Adam's apple slides slowly, and look closely at the rhythm with ups and downs. Su ran ran line of sight from the man's slender legs, moved to his handsome face, and then fell on the bright eyes like stars, the bottom of the eyes faintly has her reflection. She gave two dry laughs. Mi Yueyue on the other end of the receiver cut off the phone at the first time, and she wanted to live a little longer. The luster on Meng Yanning's diamond cufflinks refracted into Su Ran's eyes. She narrowed her eyes slowly and said with a smile, "You're back." With her voice, she got up and stood on the sofa just to be equal to Meng Yanning. The two lines of sight intersect. You haven't answered my question? Meng Yanning is the last person to be careless. Ah, what's the problem? I, I didn't hear it. Su ran ran to withdraw the line of sight, lowered his eyes, and wanted to get down from the sofa. This feeling of being equal to him made her feel even more trembling. Meng Yanning stretched out his hand to stop him. "Don't worry, I'll let you come down if I make it clear." He took advantage of the situation and hugged Su Ran Ran to the tea table. The cushion on the tea table is not cold, but the height of the tea table is higher, two women are higher and men are lower. It is reasonable to say that the tall one should have a stronger momentum, but it happened that Su ran ran had never been strong, hard, or too strong in the face of Meng Yanning. She put her hands behind her back. "It's really, really fine." Last time she was so jealous that she woke up at noon the next day. If she did it again, she would not wake up the day after tomorrow. It's impossible to get out of bed or anything. Su Ranran is very clear about Meng Yanning's strength. Not only clear, but also admire. At this moment, she especially could not see his waist and under his waist, which made her legs weak ahead of time. Meng Yanning: Hmm? Don't you say? Su ran ran habitually small movements, bite the lip: "is..". Namely "She handed the phone to Meng Yanning.". Meng Yanning took it, lowered his eyes and looked at it carefully, and the bottom of his eyes became deeper and deeper. Su Ranran explained, "I'm really not familiar with this Qi Xiaotian." She tilted her head and looked at Meng Yanning. "You have to believe me." "Qi Xiaotian.." Meng Yanning lifted his eyelids, slowly pulled off the tie around his neck, unbuttoned his shirt with one hand, and inadvertently pulled it open, revealing one side of the lustrous collarbone, with faint red teeth marks on it. Su Ranran's legs are getting weaker and weaker, Jumping castle with slide , and General Manager Meng is angry. Meng Yanning gave Su Ranran a beautiful smile, and then. Turn around leisurely.. Leave 。 Meng Yanning always likes to play this kind of game of indulgence recently. He started, and then Mrs. Meng couldn't stop. Before long, there was a sound of running water in the bathroom, and a blurred figure was reflected on the frosted glass, perfect and well-proportioned. Su ran ran looked at the phone that kept ringing and no longer looked at the mind, her head was thinking about how Meng Yanning calmed down. This man once said, her name can only be with him, she can only appear with him, this is good, she gave this first time to someone else, well, she was wrong. When Su ran ran tangled and didn't know what to do, Meng Yanning was standing under the shower. There was a charity party at seven o'clock this evening. He came back specially to meet her, take a bath and change his clothes to attend. There is something he is determined to win tonight, so he will take part in it anyway. As for those on Weibo, they can be withdrawn. However, there are still some lessons to be taught, such as hugging other men casually. Meng Yanning walked out of the bathroom in his bathrobe, his belt loosely tied, and he could see his strong body as long as he looked up. Su ran ran eyes view nose nose view heart, Leng is did not dare to look up. Meng Yanning wandered in front of Su Ranran for a while, went to the cloakroom, bathrobe off, he took out clothes from the wardrobe and put them on one by one, wristwatch, diamond cufflinks, and finally the wedding ring. After dressing properly, a charming figure is reflected in the fitting mirror, which exudes a noble and reserved atmosphere. Meng Yanning walked out of the cloakroom and said to Su Ranran, "I'll go first. You can go to bed early after dinner." Su Ran Ran: ".." It's broken. I'm really angry. Recently this period of time he, they all sleep together, even if Su ran ran really slept first, also must be awakened by him. Today, he actually said to let her sleep first. Well, he was really angry. Su ran ran did not answer well and did not say bad, pursed his lips and looked at the door closing in front of him. She picked up her cell phone and complained to Mi Yueyue. ...... How can men be so stingy? ? I was so angry when there was no shadow. I really thought I was a balloon. "I told him that I didn't know the man named Qi at all, but he didn't believe me." "Cough." Mi Yueyue coughed lightly, "That's Zai Zai. His name is not Qi.". Also, I said on the Internet that the more a man loves you, the more likely he is to be jealous. It is estimated that your husband loves you. "When he comes back, you can talk to him about it. I believe there is nothing you can't solve with your skill." Su Ranran: "What do you mean?" Mi Yueyue: "It's not a big deal to quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed as long as it can be solved in bed.". And if you can't communicate once, come a few more times. If you can't communicate every time, don't stop. Anyway,inflatable amusement park, it's done. "Xiao Ran Ran, I totally believe you, come on!" Su ran ran: "..".


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