I used to wear it when I was the boss.

He took out a light red potion from his pocket and handed it to Xiao Shun.

He took out a light red potion from his pocket and handed it to Xiao Shun. It was not actually a palliative, but something he hid on his body to save his life. Xiao Shun where also managed so much, he also did not expect Lin Lan to have the courage to cheat him at this time. He raised his head and drank the potion without saying a word. But half a minute, the whole body fever, pheromone crazy secretion, looking at Lin Lan's eyes are not awake. Lin Lan got up and closed the door, then took out a lavender potion, and drank it with a horizontal heart. After a while, the sweet Omega pheromone filled the room, Lin Lan was soft like a pool of water into estrus, Xiao Shun could not control, jumped on him. · The next morning, a cry of surprise came from Xiao Shun's palace. Xiao Shun pinched the scarred Lin Lan's neck and dragged him out of the room. Lin Lan was beaten black and blue and cried weakly: "Help, help!"! I'm marked! I've been marked! Once Omega is marked in estrus, the probability of pregnancy is almost 100%. In an empire that valued children, prisoners had to be treated leniently even if they were pregnant. Someone immediately came to separate Xiao Shun and Lin Lan and took Lin Lan to see a doctor. He set me up! Xiao Shun is still repeating over and over again, he woke up from the drug effect, only to find that he was deceived by Lin Lan again. Instead of getting better,inflatable air dancer, the headache got worse. In a fit of anger, Xiao Shun beat Lin Lan like a sandbag. In his eyes, Omega had a low status, and he had no gentlemanly demeanor. He just wanted to kill him directly. After Lin Lan was sent to the hospital, after some examination, she was pregnant. In this way, he could no longer be exiled,Inflatable water park on lake, and his whereabouts became a problem. They had no choice but to invite the old emperor and Xiao Yao over and let them decide how Lin Lan should be dealt with. Did not expect this person has been locked up, unexpectedly can also give birth to so many incidents! The old emperor looked at Lin Lan in disgust. The matter of Xiao Shun and Lin Lan has now spread out, and the whole Xiao family has also lost face together. Now he is not to release Lin Lan, leaving Lin Lan is not good. How did he give birth to Xiao Shun's son! "Su Tang, you were the victim of the last incident. How do you think you should handle it this time?" The old emperor threw the problem to Xia Bei. Xia Bei paused and looked at Lin Lan and Xiao Shun. Suddenly feel a straight a cancer, a O right cancer, these two people are actually quite matched. So he opened his mouth and said, "Now that Lin Lan has Xiao Shun's child, it's not good to let him go out into exile.". After all, the child is innocent, since Lin Lan and the emperor still have feelings, or give him a status. Xiao Yao took a look at Xia Bei's gloating eyes and said to one side, "The emperor's younger brother has said that he really loves Lin Lan before. He must still have feelings.". I think it's a good idea. Why don't you strike while the iron is hot. Get married. "Dreaming!"! Let me marry this bitch! Xiao Shun's breath was not smooth and he shouted. Lin Lan is now a prisoner, Inflatable outdoor park ,Inflatable outdoor park, he Xiao Shun is also a prince, how can it be the turn to marry a prisoner! The old emperor seemed to feel that something was wrong. He thought about it and said, "With Lin Lan's identity, it is impossible to become the main room.". But now that you have a child, you can't just ignore it. In the future, you can be a concubine and wait on Xiao Shun. Lin Lan heard the old emperor's words, knowing that he finally did not have to go to exile, hurriedly grateful to accept. He is dreaming at the moment: no matter how Xiao Shun is, he is also the Alpha of 4S. As long as he gives birth to a powerful Alpha smoothly, Xiao Shun can't do anything to him even if he hates himself. With a powerful Alpha child, his position will rise with the tide. Later, he will develop a few useful potions, grasp some positions of real power, and slowly regain his lost position. Xia Bei was amused to see his reaction. When the old emperor offered to let him be Xiao Yao's concubine, he rushed out with a humiliated expression on his face. But now because of becoming Xiao Shun's concubine and happy, is really this time and that time. In the face of their own interests, the so-called strength of character is gone. Just Xia Bei doesn't understand, isn't it better to go to exile than to become Xiao Shun's concubine? Although the border is hard, it is not without food. Su Tang originally developed several kinds of medicine in the border, if Lin Lan turned over a new leaf in the border, concentrate on research. After more than ten years, the development of effective medicine, there is still a chance to return to the circle of imperial pharmacists. And become Xiao Shun's concubine. Xia Bei glanced at Xiao Shun with a violent face. Of course, it is impossible for him to kindly remind Lin Lan what kind of life he will live in the future, whether he will live well or not, and only Lin Lan knows that he is cold and warm. Chapter 69 A few months later, Xia Bei received the news that Lin Lan had an accident during the prenatal examination and found out that the baby in her stomach was a freak. After the doctor's examination, it is said that because the medicine he gave Xiao Shun at that time and the side effects of the accelerator were mutually exclusive, the neutralization of the two medicines had an impact on Xiao Shun's constitution. I'm afraid that even if Xiao Shun's remaining poison is removed, he will not be able to have a healthy child. The child was induced labor out, get the news of Xiao Shun the first time rushed to beat Lin Lan, the remaining half of his life directly away, do not know where to go. Xia Bei was a little worried when he heard the news, and he didn't know if it would go well when he gave birth to a child. His prenatal examination results have been quite good, but the child is growing up day by day, looking at his gradually bulging abdomen, Xia Bei is inevitably afraid. Xiao Yao seemed to know his worries and had been comforting him. The technology of the Empire has been very developed, and any congenital diseases of children can be detected in advance. The baby in Xia Bei's belly has been in good condition, and he is a little alarmist. Three months later, Xia Bei was sent to the hospital for delivery. Because it is Alpha, without Omega's natural physiological structure suitable for production,Inflatable indoor park, Xiao Yao asked the doctor to operate on him in advance, take out the seven-month-old child and put it in the incubator to continue to grow, so that the damage to Xia Bei's body will be less. joyshineinflatables.com


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