The Way to Wash White Slag Man [Quick Wear]

Qiao Nai waited for the answer in the audience. Her roommates all came to the small auditorium to cheer her up and sat in the back rows. Han Li Li was worried about Jiao Lan's boyfriend's vote, so he sent a message to Qiao Nai on WeChat to remind her. Jonai said it was false th

Then I went to experience bungee jumping and flying saucers, which can be transported to the stars to see outer space. The most important thing is that there is a place to sell models, which is the only place to charge at present. You can buy a lot of materials and then make your own models. The NPC who sells models says that everyone has his own independent design space. You can pinch a world and put it into your own design space. Your own design space can invite others to come and watch, and you can charge appropriately, that is, you can have a small attraction of your own. I feel that there are business opportunities everywhere. The exchange rate of currency and virtual currency is 1:1. The purchasing power is the same as that in my own country. It is very good to start a business as early as possible. It is very promising. As soon as this remark was made, more and more people poured into the second world. It also created a hot scene after the first game entered. In the internal test version, the internal test number is hard to find, and it is countless times to see the forum, so that everyone has a dry addiction. Chapter 18 the best actor is the best actor. The first game to enter is a Xianxia game, which can be directly connected by a connector, and the login method is to let the intelligent housekeeper search and login in his own home in the virtual world. Fu Qingxi went straight to the game with summer lime and ease. In this game where the universe is small, in order to be happy and not destroy the balance of the game, Fu Qingxi is very straightforward to open an NPC account for his three people. Comfort seems to be overcorrected, lively and active but also love to ask, Fu Qingxi and Xia Qingling are gratified and annoyed, the only long-term task released is to take comfort to play. The reward is so generous that countless netizens bow down. Before long, there was a discussion on the Internet about the need to adjust the high intelligence of NPC. Player Glory: I have never felt that there is anything wrong with my college diploma since I was admitted to college with 690 points in the college entrance examination. But Game Planner, come out! How high is the intelligence of this NPC? He knows my university is maths respect major, ask me the problem of linear algebra later I can understand, but after asking more and more profound, I do not know how to answer,mobile racking systems, prevaricate his other knowledge when I learn teacher whole journey M language, I can M language says only, how do you guess?? That little boy in ancient costume NPC's M language is 6 more than me, at least ten thousand linear algebra!!! The university that I begin to doubt now is to ask a person to take an examination of! Make a person wisdom extinguish: upstairs take me!! We must all be talking about the NPC named Ease in Qingling Town! I'm sure there won't be any more freaky NPCs! GM must give an explanation QAQ I am chemistry major, the question that that NPC comes over to ask is how insane, it is outrageous! My professional teachers dare not ask me that! The sea of learning is endless: physics majors come to + 10086, I do not understand how our topic is from the assumption of zero gravity to gamma rays, I now want to know if this ancient costume game is actually a learning machine wearing ancient costume game skin?! I even wonder if the launch of the game is a conspiracy of the physics teacher. People who eat melons: You are all science majors. Does that NPC discriminate against liberal arts students? Why don't you come to me? I have hundreds of millions of years of history and want to talk to him! Second-level people who eat melons: upstairs ID holds a claw, it's all ape dung! I happen to be a liberal arts major, flower language and literature, that NPC I also received the task, I feel very good ah, warehouse storage racks ,industrial racking systems, and super like my childhood love beans, nose, eyes and mouth are like, like when I love beans 17 years old, handsome bubbling, but much more lively than my love beans, with him he also took me to fight monsters, happy to bubble. The fat chicken that can't fly to death: upstairs love beans, I seem to get who it is, there is a kind of pain that I want to say but dare not say, forget love and don't mention it. Second-level melon eaters: Yes! Super like there is wood! Didn't he say that he had a son? Oh, he was really cute, and he was very good at taking care of people. He told me that girls didn't have to work so hard, and he could help them. Wash in vain: You discuss I also feel like, just also went to turn over a picture specially, exactly the same. Player Glory: The second-level melon eater, can you ask the NPC what questions he asked you? Second-level people who eat melons: There are too many questions to remember clearly. In fact, it is quite in-depth. He asked a lot of outstanding figures in the history of our country, including details. Also asked about the approximate time track of some lost civilizations, as well as some classics, hahahahaha, those books are the books I recommend when I teach my students, which happened to hit my knowledge area, he remembered that he was serious and more obedient than my students. Player Glory: Ahem, it turns out to be the teacher QAQ. I'm just a junior. I haven't learned a lot of things he asked. Where is the teacher? I feel that your way of speaking is very familiar. People who eat melons at the second level: Ah, I teach several majors at Didu University. Your grades are so good that I guess you have attended my class. Player of Glory: Is that you, Professor Xiang?! QAQ Second-level melon eaters: Hee Hee This is the default?! Comrades! See?! The question raised by the abnormal NPC was even said by the professor of the Imperial University! I wait for the real people who eat melons to live! GM, come out! Do you believe that if I don't adjust the NPC's intelligence back to the horizontal line, I will delete the game! Xianxia world game planning group looked at each other, where did this NPC come from? Ask the technicians in the second world. They don't have this person in their script. The planning group sent three representatives, one by one valiantly toward the second world Xianxia world game modeling room. As soon as I got to the door, I bent down and knocked on the door, smiling flatteringly: "Cough, big brother, please ask, what is the situation of that highly intelligent NPC? We don't have such a character. Did we make a mistake when we handed in the information?". ” Fu Qingxi's close disciple, wearing a pair of glasses they had never seen before,shuttle rack system, looked at them in surprise: "Didn't we say that our chairman's family would go in to enjoy the scenery as NPC?"? Occasionally, they release some harmless tasks, and so far they have only released some tasks to play with their son. Ga?.

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