The ascendancy of the Green Tea Lady

Qiao Nai waited for the answer in the audience. Her roommates all came to the small auditorium to cheer her up and sat in the back rows. Han Li Li was worried about Jiao Lan's boyfriend's vote, so he sent a message to Qiao Nai on WeChat to remind her. Jonai said it was false th

Qiao Nai waited for the answer in the audience. Her roommates all came to the small auditorium to cheer her up and sat in the back rows. Han Li Li was worried about Jiao Lan's boyfriend's vote, so he sent a message to Qiao Nai on WeChat to remind her. Jonai said it was false that she was not nervous. She stayed up late to rehearse and canvassed for the competition. She clenched her fist when she thought of Jiao Lan's face when she didn't get the best result. When the host announced the list and heard her name, she breathed a sigh of relief and went to the stage to accept the award with a new skirt in the back. Her eyes swept over the stage, and the familiar faces in the front row applauded proudly for her. It is inevitable to celebrate the end of the game. Jonai asked her friends to go to the hot pot restaurant near the school to open a private room with the group members who helped her dance this time. More than a dozen people walked on the road. Meng Yin also followed him, and Jonai ignored him about the "uniform" and went ahead with his sisters. Meng Yueling, head of the regiment, looked at Qiao Nai's snub to Meng Yin and smiled: "It's not done yet?" Meng Yin did not answer. Meng Rufeng, the second of the three, said, "It would be strange if it was done." Meng Yin is cold-eyed. Meng Rufeng gave up the desire to survive and said: "If you continue to drag on, be careful that others get the first one. Look at Jonai. She is beautiful and versatile. Now she is the representative of Nanyue propaganda film. She is likely to become the campus beauty. When the time comes, there will be a long line of people chasing her." This is true, Meng Yin did not say a word, at the foot of the front of the small stones in the way kicked far away. When they arrived at the place to serve food and eat, someone suggested opening beer and interlacing cups. Meng Yin's appearance is enough for him to arouse a lot of girls' favor. He wants to clink glasses with him actively. Suddenly, Qiao Nai, who has been chatting with Han Li beside him, stops him and says, "He can't drink." The other party is also the person who helped Jonai dance today. We usually get along well with each other in the art troupe. Now Jonai stops her. She is not angry. She says frankly, "That's OK. It seems that handsome men can't drink." Jonai glanced at Meng Yin,warehousing storage solutions, who was looking at him, and explained, "He smells of alcohol and is afraid of being punished when he goes back." When the girl saw the clothes on his body, she was suddenly enlightened and beckoned him to sit beside Jonai and not to sit with the boys. "Don't let them smell on you. Come here quickly!" Meng Yin smiled and shook the eyes of the girls for a moment. He took the initiative to find the side of Jonai and naturally added food for Jonai. He knew that Jonai was still annoyed with him and was not in a hurry to talk to Jonai. At the end of the dinner, the people who were not satisfied proposed to go to Karaoke. While they were discussing, Jonai went downstairs to pay the bill. Meng Yin, who was the first to notice her departure, followed behind. Because more people ordered more dishes,industrial racking systems, the consumption of a meal was not low. Without waiting for Jonai to take out his mobile phone to check out, Meng Yin's card was handed over: "Brush mine." He could not refuse to hold Jonai's mobile phone, smiling gently on his face: "Anyway, I really have no place to spend this money, besides, I want to help you celebrate." Jonailian said no, the man at the cashier was not surprised by the treat and did not waste time swiping the card immediately. All of a sudden, Jonai had no reason to shirk. In order to return the favor, she had to say, "I'll send you to the car later." She said hello to the head of the regiment in the private room. She sent Meng Yin to the intersection, night fell, the city lights were dim, taxis full of guests came and went, they continued to wait, asrs warehouse ,shuttle rack system, the evening breeze was blowing gently, but no one took the initiative to stir up the topic. Finally, an empty car stopped. Meng Yin opened the back seat and sat on it. Jonai waved to him: "Be careful on the way." Meng Yin hum sound, boyish ground blinks: "Want to miss me." Waiting for the car to start, the figure of Jonai in the rearview mirror is getting smaller and smaller, the smile on Meng Yin's face gradually fades, slowly climbing up the gloomy color. Male driver asks: "Where to go?" His voice is clear and cold, report on place name, the driver says: "Quite slant, what are you doing over there?"? Look at your clothes. Are you a soldier? The mirror shows the young man's cold face, a pair of eyes remind people of the wolf walking in the night for no reason, and the driver's intuition is that the customer is not easy to mess with. When Meng Yin returned to the training camp, the moon had risen and the shadows were like ghosts everywhere. He climbed the wall skillfully and landed with a figure waiting for him in front of him. Chief Li, who was in charge of his group, had his hands behind his back. He was nearly 40 years old, and his skin was dark and shiny after being exposed to the wind and the sun for a long time. He smiled and asked coldly, "Where have you been?" Meng Yin stood upright and tightened his chin. "Do you know what you should do?" Officer Li stopped smiling and his voice was loud: "Run!"! Run fifty laps of the playground with a heavy load! Don't stop until dawn! Meng Yin did not resist, returned to the equipment room with sandbags tied to the legs and feet, and immediately ran around the playground. On the playground, the young man's posture was full of explosive power and his steps were solid. Instructor Li sat on the steps of the flag platform to supervise. In the middle of the night, the moonlight was even brighter, and everything was quiet, except for Meng Yin's sound of stepping on the ground. When he was so tired that he fell to the ground and lay down, the white belly of the fish on the horizon was dazzling, awakening the gentle dawn. I don't know when drillmaster Li will leave. Not long after he lay down, he put his head on his arm and gasped for breath, and the sound of clear footsteps approached him. Awesome, "the man clapped his hands." I almost thought you were going to be tossed to death by Chen Clam Toad, so I saw if you were dead. " Chen. Clam. Toad is the nickname of officer Chen. Meng Yin did not reply, he stretched out his hand, the other side pulled him up. You haven't slept all night, and you can't train during the day. Can you stand it? The boy patted the weeds on his shoulder. Meng Yin licked his dry lips, and his sweat-soaked clothes clung to his skin, easily outlining his muscle lines. The schoolboy sighs ah sigh, shake one's head: "For that younger sister again?" Meng Yin's silence is tantamount to acquiescence. Let's go to the canteen for breakfast. I, Zhao Qixing, am convinced of you. He had an impression of Meng Yin's sweetheart, after all, the last time the other party came here, he had seen it, and at that time he took the lead in heckling. I don't know if it was running with a heavy load overnight, but Meng Yin's mood was not high all the time. After breakfast, everyone gathered and started a new day of training. Today's training content is to simulate the battlefield. The team is divided into two teams, the enemy and our camp, one pair is responsible for guarding the flag,heavy duty rack manufacturers, one pair is responsible for capturing the flag, the time limit is three hours. Meng Yin and Zhao Qixing are guarding the flag. The sun is scorching. They shuttle between the earthen ramparts, each with a heavy weapon on his body. Zhao Qixing presses Meng Yin's hat and signals to squat down.

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