President's Little Girlfriend

Xianbi smiled sadly and said slowly, "My surname is Yu. I haven't seen you clearly until now.". All right, I'll go. From now on, you and I will make a clean break and have nothing to do with each other.

See flying snow want to shed tears, turned to see Lei Yuxuan ice-like face, if you dare to let her cry, I let you even have no right to cry, dare not imagine ah, don't say Lei Yuxuan don't bypass him, is his wife that he can't pass ah.. Feixue, don't be sad. I didn't say I didn't want you. You did a good job. When Feixue heard what he said, she was immediately happy. "Boss, what you said is true. Don't go back on your words.". All right, your boss said he didn't want you, so stop talking and let's go to eat. As soon as Feixue heard about the meal, she immediately forgot the unpleasantness just now and went to Lei Yuxuan's side. Did you buy the sour orange I asked you to buy just now? I want to eat it now. Lei Yuxuan scraped her little nose. Yes, baby, how dare I forget what you want to eat? But you have to eat first, and then you can eat fruit. Okay, I'll eat first. Let's go to the small park in the front and eat? Boss, I'm going to eat, so I'll go first. You guys go. Lan Yu, let's go first. Call your wife another day. Let's get together. Okay, we'll be there when you name the place. Feixue,stainless steel edging strip, who was listening to them, was so hungry that she couldn't help it. Can you talk about it later? I'm so hungry that I want to eat. Then we'll go first. Bye. See you some other time. Okay, bye.. Flying snow pulls Lei Yuxuan, go quickly.. ''? Slow down. Don't walk so fast. Be careful not to fall down. Ah I told you to slow down. Look. Would you have fallen down if I hadn't supported you? Flying snow, seeing Xuan laughing at her, blushed and made a grimace at him. Seeing her nifty appearance, Lei Yuxuan laughed regardless of her image. Ha .... Ha ...... Ah ....? Chapter 40 Stop laughing. If you go on laughing like that, I'll go hungry. As soon as I heard that my baby was hungry,stainless steel tile trim, Lei Yuxuan recovered instantly. How could I give up my baby's hunger? I'll be sorry if I starve you. You are the only one. I won't talk to you. Anyway, you win every time, and I can't beat you. Baby, you said I seem to be very talkative, you praise me too much, (Lei Yuxuan evil smile) if you say so to me, it is better to give some real cost-effective, such as a kiss. Hearing what he said, Feixue blushed as if she could drop blood. She had already thrown the matter of eating out of the sky. She only heard what he said. Lei Yuxuan saw the appearance of the baby's face, really itching, just want to press her under his body to hurt her a few times. You come over and bend down. When Feixue sees him bending down, she kisses him gently on his lips and wants to go. Lei Yuxuan, did not give her this opportunity, instantly grabbed her over, mercilessly kissed her lips. Uh Mmm ........ Ah ........ At first it was just a taste 。 In the end, stainless tile trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, it turned into a deep kiss, ah.. Mmm ... He gently cracked open her shell teeth. Cleverly wrapped around the tip of her tongue, repeatedly sucked, wrapped around her tongue and licked it in her mouth, trying not to moan, but under his superb kiss, she surrendered. Ah ........? Just when she could hardly breathe, he let her go, and as his tongue came out, a silver thread came out of her mouth. You are such a leprechaun. I can hardly hold on to what you can do. I really want to kill you here. Hearing what he said, plus what had just happened, Xia Feixue looked at the people passing by and saw others looking at her and laughing. She was so ashamed that she hid in Lei Yuxuan's arms and did not come out. All right, everyone is gone. You don't have to be shy anymore. Come out? (Author: You look at people with murderous eyes, not to mention that even birds are scared away by you.) Ji Ji.. Flying snow first turned his head to look left and right, and saw that no one dared to come out of Lei Yuxuan's arms. It's all you. I said I only kissed you, but you, you actually.. You .. Seeing her angry, Lei Yuxuan said, "Well, baby, don't be angry, but it's hard to see baby you take the initiative to kiss me, it's hard to avoid my excitement, I can't help it, baby, don't be angry, let's eat quickly?"? As for the rest, we had to go home at night and continue. What are you whispering about all by yourself? Come and eat it quickly. If you don't come over, I won't let you eat. You're going to be hungry today. Baby, don't be so worried. If I don't eat, I will be spiritless all afternoon, so I can't go to work. I saw what he said. Poor, softhearted, do not sit down quickly. As soon as Lei Yuxuan sat down with a cheeky smile, Feixue knew that she had been fooled by him, knowing that she was soft-hearted. Baby, the Spring Festival is coming in a few days. How are you going to spend it. I used to be with yuan Yi and Lan Yu. We all gathered together to eat hot pot, talking and laughing. When the clock struck midnight, we would be over. Lei Yuxuan dare not she is so every year, in other people's homes are setting off firecrackers and laughing is Hou, she actually a person at home, which makes him distressed. Baby, you don't have to feel bad, I will accompany you this year, no matter what festival I will accompany you, I will not let you alone. Single, because no matter what you do in the future, I will be by your side. Hearing his words of concern,stainless steel edge trim, Feixue felt her tears flowing out of her eyes, which were tears of happiness, and she knew that he was loving her.

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