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Xianbi smiled sadly and said slowly, "My surname is Yu. I haven't seen you clearly until now.". All right, I'll go. From now on, you and I will make a clean break and have nothing to do with each other.

Xianbi smiled sadly and said slowly, "My surname is Yu. I haven't seen you clearly until now.". All right, I'll go. From now on, you and I will make a clean break and have nothing to do with each other. When Yu Zhao heard this, his heart was cut like a knife. Many words were only turning in his throat, but he could not say them. Seeing that a word of discord was about to break up a pair of lovers, Gu suddenly said with a smile, "Miss Xianbi, if you leave, you will regret it!" "Tell me," said Xianbi with a sneer, "how can I regret it?" "Brother Yu said those bastard words," said Gu Kui, "which greatly ruined the girl's reputation. If you don't explain it clearly and spread it to Jianghu, everyone will say that Emperor Lei said, 'Xianbi, the daughter of the Ministry of Earth, is not devoted to her feelings and is half-hearted..' Hey hey, the girl also knows that the words of the people in Jianghu are awesome. They are passed on again and again. In the end, they may become'women in the West City, all of them are not devoted to love, wandering in the wind, and seducing men '. If so, it will be terrible. "Who dares to say that?" She said angrily. "I pulled out his tongue." Be that as it may, he felt extremely uneasy: "What Yu Zhao said has been heard in the East Island and the West City just now. If you really go to Jianghu to spread rumors, it will be a small matter to ruin my reputation, but it will be a bad thing to ruin the reputation of the Ministry." Glancing at Yu Zhao again, he saw that he looked uneasy and his eyes were full of shame. He could not help feeling a little angry. He thought, "This bastard still has time to regret. It serves to show that his conscience is gone." Suddenly Gu Kui laughed again and said, "Even so,aluminium tile trim profiles, I have a way to cut off these rumors. Can Miss Xianbi listen?" Xianbi was confused by his words, so she had to say, "Tell me." "The rumor started with Brother Yu," said Gu, "and it should end with Brother Yu. So the most wonderful thing is that the two of you have cleared up the past, made up the past, and become a pair of immortal couples. Their good reputation has spread in Jianghu. In this way, no matter what rumors he has, it will be self-defeating. Xianbi stared at Gu, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Suddenly she scolded, "What's your idea,tile trim factory, you lazy boy?"? This man surnamed Yu is so hateful that he can't be punished. He wants me to make up with him again. What kind of immortal couple do you want me to be? Can it be said that his insult is the greatest good thing in the world, and that it is wrong for me to be angry about it? "The punishment is deserved!" Gu said with a smile, "before that, brother Yu should apologize to the girl and take back the preface." Then he winked at Yu Zhaolian. Yu Zhaolian was in a daze. He sighed and said, "Sister Xianbi, what I just said is bullshit. It stinks.". You must not take it to heart. In the future, if anyone insults you and the reputation of the Ministry with these words, even if it is thousands of miles away, once Yumou hears it, he will surely take his life.. Say that finish, starry eyes lightning, across the presence of the people, the tiger thin male wind in, although he was seriously injured, the eyes are still divine light frighten people, everyone was he a look, all feel cold. Xianbi was affectionate to Yuzhao, and when she saw him admit defeat, most of her anger disappeared. She immediately remembered that the enemy was strong at that time, and her life was hanging by a thread. When Yuzhao said that, she was just trying to provoke herself. Even though the words are unfeeling, stainless steel tile edge trim ,stainless steel tile edging, the intentions are very good, and he is so harsh to him. Think of here, the heart and forgive him a little, but although the heart has been relieved, the face is not a little false, still cold, no joy or anger. When Yu Zhao saw that the beautiful woman was as indifferent as before, he was greatly perturbed. He looked at the valley and showed his intention to ask for help. Gu Kui laughed in his heart, but said with a calm face, "I just said that I would apologize with words first, and then impose a heavy punishment. Brother Yu, do you accept the punishment?" Yu Zhao hesitated and looked at Xian Bi. Suddenly he gritted his teeth and said, "Well, Yu admits his punishment!" As soon as the voice fell, he suddenly saw that Gu had a strange look on his face. His heart missed a beat, and he cried to himself, "This boy is quaint. I don't know what strange way to deal with Lao Tzu.". Anyhow, I am also the master of a department. If I make any ugly behavior in front of everyone, then from now on, I don't have to hang out in Jianghu. "Thinking about it, he felt a little regret, but he didn't take his promise lightly. He had no intention of going back on his word. Just as he was feeling perturbed, he suddenly heard Gu Kui say with a smile," Since Brother Yu accepts the punishment, I'll think of a way to punish you on behalf of Miss Xianbi. Well, whoo.. " He put on airs and kept me in suspense, but Yu Zhao had the nature of thunder and fire. He didn't like to bend. If he delayed like this, he would turn the beheading on the spot into pieces. He suffered more than ten times. He immediately shouted, "What are you going to punish? Say it quickly." "Yes." Gu Kui clapped his hands and said with a smile, "When I entered the mountain just now, I saw a hotel with a lot of good wine. Now I will punish you to go there. You can't even drink three hundred bowls without one bowl." Yu Zhao was overjoyed. "You're really a good brother," he exclaimed. "You know how to be a brother." He immediately looked embarrassed and said with a sigh, "Stop it. Although the punishment is heavy, since you accept it, you can't excuse it. Don't worry, brother. Even if the foolish brother is drunk to death, he won't drink a bowl less.." Before she had finished speaking, Xianbi couldn't help spitting, "What do you want?"? If you want to be punished, you should be punished for not drinking for three years. Yu Zhao's face changed slightly. He was silent for a moment. He frowned and said, "Sister Xianbi, this punishment is too heavy. Change it to March. No, how about three days.." "Shall I punish you or me?" Asked Xianbi Leng. Yu Zhao was stupefied. He bowed his head and said nothing. Seeing that he was so frustrated, Xian Bi was both angry and amused. "Well, March is March," she snorted coldly. "It won't take half a day.." Yu Zhao was overjoyed, but Xian Bi said, "What are you happy about? This is only one of the punishments. There are two more.." Yu Zhao's heart suddenly sank, but when he saw the fairy pointing a little, he said indifferently, "You pick that flower for me." Yu Zhao looked and saw a cluster of nameless red flowers blooming in the grass. When the wind blew, they jumped off like flames. Yu Zhao picked the flowers and handed them to Xianbi. Xianbi looked at them and put them between the girls, smiling with a broken face. Her complexion is snow-white, and this smile is like the melting of frost, and the snow lotus is in full bloom, which is more beautiful than the red flower. Yu Zhao stared blankly for a moment, but Xianbi said, "What are you looking at? Let me ask you if I look good." If change at ordinary times, Yu Zhaoming feels good-looking, also want to nitpick two, at this time fell downwind, dare not disobey, only get: "good-looking, good-looking..." Xian Bibai looked at her, suddenly pressed her waist,china tile trim, giggled, and Gu also laughed. Unexpectedly, Xianbi raised her finger and poked a red mark on his forehead. "What are you laughing at?" She said? You stinking monkey are full of treachery and are the best at playing tricks on people's hearts. Then he couldn't stop laughing.

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