The House of Rebirth has a child bride.

Although Han Shisheng is the flow of Xiaosheng, but not the top, and the speed of information updates on the Internet is too fast, relying on this matter alone is already the limit of two days, the fourth day, has already been weak. However, as soon as the recording came out, the fandom ex

Originally assigned to a class with Luo Yanbai, he was still secretly pleased, but in the past two months, he saw Luo Yanbai running towards Wu Yunlei's class after class, and had less and less time to talk to himself. He was not a fool. If he didn't know his rival's plan at this time, he would be too sorry for the second grade of the whole school. Want to understand everything to pay Liu hate to gnash his teeth: "This Wu Yunlei is really cunning, face quietly, only a little subtotal will be firmly tied to Luo Yanbai side." "But.." ……” He narrowed his eyes and turned up the corners of his mouth slightly. Fu Liu looked firm: "This is very good. It's interesting to win with a strong opponent. I won't always be the second!" Fu Liu tries to dig the dividing line of the wall. This day before school, it was rare for Xiaobai to spare time to talk to Lin Jiarou. Fu Liu was caught when he passed by two people without any trace: "Ah, Fu rascal, come and talk together. I haven't talked to you and Xiaorou for a long time!" Fu Liu smiled, "Nvxia, you have been very busy recently. You have forgotten your old friend from junior high school." Mention the recent tragic experience, Xiaobai is really full of complaints to vent, motioned to Fu Liu also sat on the side of Lin Jiarou, began to complain: "You do not know, how many people like Xiao Lei ah, drive away one after another every day I will be tired to death." Lin Jiarou is also in a bad mood recently, Yan Yan in order to see her fiance not to find himself, why even pay Liu also rarely talk to themselves? Is it really what you think? But no matter how confused her heart was, the introverted Lin Jiarou could not pull Fu Liu's sleeve like Xiao Bai and let her sit beside her and talk about the recent situation. Today, it is rare to have a chance to sit together, and the little depression in my heart disappeared at the moment when Fu Liu sat down. Softly comforted Xiaobai: "Yan Yan, don't worry too much. Wu Yunlei is not such a half-hearted person. He is only special to you from childhood to adulthood. How can anyone else be close to him?" Xiao Bai felt a little happy in his heart. He wrinkled his nose and continued, "Xiao Rou, I'm not worried about Xiao Lei's change of heart. I'm worried about his safety.". You don't know how many people stare at Xiao Lei every day. I'm afraid Xiao Lei will be swallowed by them if I don't pay attention to him! And many of those girls are very good-looking and study well. Lin Jiarou continued to comfort Xiaobai: "Yan Yan, you are so good-looking that you don't have to worry about it at all. As for your study,ceramic igniter electrodes, you are also admitted by scores. Wu Yunlei is the first in the whole school and the second in the whole school. You can learn from them casually, but you are still afraid of bad grades?" When Fu Liu saw the opportunity, he immediately said, "Yes, Xiao Rou is absolutely right. Nvxia, I don't think you need to worry so much. Your condition is very good.". As for learning, if you feel that Wu Yunlei is always in trouble, can we still study together like three people in junior high school, and how many eyes you stare at Wu Yunlei every day, don't you find that there are many boys who like you secretly looking at you? "Like my boy?" Small white is pointing to his nose to confirm to ask: "Pay rascal, do you mean to have the schoolboy that likes me, and still can stare at me?" Fu Liu nods, expression affirmation is very: "Right, don't you know?"? As far as I know, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic bobbin element, there are many male students who have a good impression on you and will secretly look at you after school. Has been chasing their own side in Xiao Lei, although he is also very good to himself, but for the first time in his life to hear that a boy likes himself, Xiao Bai is a little too happy, staring at Fu Liu, and then look at Lin Jiarou, carefully reconfirmed: "Really someone secretly looked at me after school?" Looking at Fu Liu, Lin Jiarou confirmed with a laugh: "Yes, Yan Yan, I've always told you that you're so cute that someone must like you, but you don't believe it. Now you always believe what Fu Liu said, right?"? He's a boy, too. "Hey, hey, hey." Both men said so categorically, and it was estimated that they could not be wrong. Xiao Bai's first reaction was to tell Xiao Lei the news, so that he was nervous and went out of the classroom with a giggle and smashed the door of the class next door. Xiao Bai left, leaving Lin Chia-rou nervously waiting for Fu Liu, who was still sitting next to her, to speak. She didn't hear a sound. Lin Chia-rou summoned up her courage and looked up. She saw Fu Liu's thoughtful expression and whispered, "Fu Liu?" Fu Liu is thinking about the effect of just a few words, although he told Luo Yanbai that someone liked her but did not say a specific person, so that she would not associate with anyone and give birth to other feelings, but can let her understand that she is also very popular, there is no need to hang on a tree in Wu Yunlei, but also in the case of this tree so catch the wind. Very good, the goal has been achieved, just want to stand up and walk to the side of Lin Jiarou, today's thing is also thanks to her help, Fu Liu smiled very comfortably: "Xiao Rou, let's go to the station together in the evening?" The dividing line after school Pushing the bicycle to the school gate, Xiao Lei quietly observed Xiao Bai, very puzzled: "What is this girl doing today?"? Insist on coming down and walking to the school gate. Just go. Why do you want to peep around like a detective? In the past, in the face of the girls who looked at themselves, didn't they all stare back? What does it mean to be secretive today? Confused, but with Xiaolei's understanding of Xiaobai, there is no need to take the initiative to ask, as long as they wait quietly, do not have to go to the school gate this girl will unreservedly automatically explain. Sure enough, I heard the girl's deliberately low voice in the middle of the walk: "Xiao Lei, have you found that there are so many people around us today?" Looking around, Xiao Lei nodded: "Yes, today we are pushing the bicycle slowly, so we feel that there are many people." "Oops!" Xiaobai is obviously not satisfied with such an answer, pulling Xiao Lei's arm to prompt: "Don't you find that there are so many male students today?" What is this girl doing? If you don't pay attention to the female students,Alumina Ceramic C795, why do you pay attention to the other male students? Not doing proper work! Without even looking at it this time, Xiao Lei said firmly, "No!" 。

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