Dragon Quest (Part 1)

Although Han Shisheng is the flow of Xiaosheng, but not the top, and the speed of information updates on the Internet is too fast, relying on this matter alone is already the limit of two days, the fourth day, has already been weak. However, as soon as the recording came out, the fandom ex

"Yu'er, Jie'er's illness takes a lot of effort from you!"! By the way, you shouldn't work too hard now because of your injury. I think you should leave it to Aunt Rou to do for you when you go to Wuzhong. Xiang Yu and Xiang Liang looked at each other when they heard this. How could they tell Shanrou what they wanted to do against the Qin Dynasty? If so, the situation can. However, Shanrou's words also reminded them of their purpose of coming to Wuzhong, and they could not help but be nervous about it. Alas, when can I get to Wuzhong to carry out my plan? When Shanrou saw the two of them, she seemed to understand something, and her face changed greatly and she exclaimed: "Are you really undercover agents sent by King Chen Sheng to Wuzhong?" She stared at Xiang Liang and Xiang Yu's uncle and nephew, making people wonder what she was thinking for a moment. Xiang Liang and Xiang Yu heard the sound of kindness and softness, and their minds were shocked at the same time. A beam with a wry smile cold way: "Now that Madame has guessed our origin, I wonder what will happen to us?" Xie Xiujie was already quietly pale, flustered and did not know why he looked at Xiang Yu, and looked at his mother Shanrou with a pleading face. The atmosphere suddenly congealed and became rigid. Silence for a long time, gentle suddenly Juan ran a smile: I don't care what you will do in Wuzhong in the future, I only know that I will help you. Okay, let's not talk about this unpleasant thing,ceramic bobbin heater core, okay? But before the feather son injury is not good, I hope you do not leave, in any case I also want to hold the feather son injury to recover, and then let you do what you want to do. At this point, he paused and said: "No matter how dangerous you are, remember not to forget that Aunt Rou may help you!" When Xiang Yu heard this,Ceramic Band Heater, he was stunned. In his heart, he did not know whether what he said was true or false. Xie Xiujie suddenly swept to his side and chuckled: "Brother Yu, Niang won't betray you. Don't worry!" Xiang Yu heart a hot, suddenly kneel down to the good soft worship way: "Yuer thanked Aunt Rou for her concern!" Good soft said at a loss of hurried forward a pull up Xiang Yu, hugged into his arms, gently holding his cheek way: What do you think you're doing? If I see your father in the future, maybe I will follow you against the ***ing Qin Dynasty! Don't you know how much Aunt Rou hated the cruelty of the Qin Dynasty and the darkness of officialdom? At this point, he sighed and said: Alas, although people living in this era understand this society, they do not have the courage to resist this society. Because once you stand up to this society, it will swallow you up. Unless you can overthrow this tyranny and establish a new deal. Said the eyes suddenly shine way: "But is there anything in this world that can baffle Shaolong?"? As long as he wants to do, he will succeed! A beam opened his mouth at this time: "Madam's words really hit the nail on the head about the mentality of people in today's society.". But when people reach the saturation point under the pressure of this society, ceramic welding tape ,alumina c799, they are still roaring before they are about to die. A single spark can start a prairie fire, and the day of the fall of the Qin Dynasty is indeed not far away, because the power of the people is great after all, it can create everything, can also destroy everything. Madam, if you can really abandon the dark and turn to the light, I welcome you on behalf of Shaolong and his eight thousand fighters! Xiang Liang's words were all heard from the top of Shaolong, and at this time, according to his tone, there was also a high-spirited momentum, which only allowed Shanrou to listen to the way of his heart: "Good!"! As long as Shaolong enters Wuzhong, I will take refuge in him! . Then his face suddenly showed a touch of delicate red tide. Three people from this moment no longer estranged, looked at each other and laughed. Jinlun Dharma King never dared to come to make trouble again. The next morning, Shanrou and Xiang Yu got up and had breakfast. Without saying hello to Jinlun Dharma King, they drove to Wuzhong. Xiang Yu's injury is really very serious, from time to time after vomiting blood mass and then unconscious. Only let Xiang Liang, Xie Xiujie and Shanrou be anxious, but they don't know what to do. Xie Xiujie Xiu eyes red way: "Uncle Liang, aren't you a doctor?"? Why can't you cure brother Yu's illness? A beam is also a haggard way: "Well, uncle is just a fake doctor.". Yu'er's heart pulse is disturbed by Xuanyi True Qi. The only way I know to cure his injury is to have a person with higher skill than him to calm his disordered heart pulse with internal force, and at the same time to get through his Ren and Du Meridians, so that Yu'er's True Qi can condense in the Dantian and reach the state of endless life. Then he can exercise himself to heal the injury, and the injury can be healed. But Alas, how many people in the world can have a higher internal force than Yu'er? Good soft suddenly way: "If Shaolong were here, he would have a way!" Xiang Yu shook his head wry smile way: "Although there are few people in the world who can match the martial arts of the third brother, I think his internal force is no higher than that of Yu'er." Shanrou hesitated and bit: In any case, I want to cure Yuer's illness. In a few days, I will take Yu'er back to Xianyang and ask Shifu to heal Yu'er after you finish the work in Wuzhong. After Yuer's injury, I will be with him again. Come and find Shaolong. A beam smell speech a happy way: "It is true that only your master Cao Qiudao's skill can beat Yu'er in the world!"! If he is willing to heal the feather, he will be able to save the feather. At this point, Xuan said sadly: "But Yu'er's injury may not drag you back to Xianyang!"! From Wuzhong to Xianyang almost need more than two months of travel, Yuer's injury is so serious, perhaps not yet to Xianyang. Good soft suddenly hate track: "It's all that ***ing thief Dharma King. If Yuer makes any mistakes, I'll cut him into pieces!" Did not discuss a good plan, three people are silent, each bosom mood looking at the bed all over the blood, pale and unconscious Xiang Yu. Xie Xiuzhi could not help but cry softly, and let Shanrou cry with him. Suddenly there was a rush of hoofbeats outside the window, a beam in the heart suddenly-startled,Kamado bbq grill, pay way: "Is it not the Golden Wheel Dharma King who has come to make trouble again?" When I lifted the curtain of the carriage, I saw a familiar figure passing by. It's Mr. Shaw! The third brother also came to Wuzhong! Under the ecstasy in the heart, a beam of strength shouted:. global-ceramics.com

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