Guide to the Counterattack of a Blessed Woman

Although Han Shisheng is the flow of Xiaosheng, but not the top, and the speed of information updates on the Internet is too fast, relying on this matter alone is already the limit of two days, the fourth day, has already been weak. However, as soon as the recording came out, the fandom ex

Although Han Shisheng is the flow of Xiaosheng, but not the top, and the speed of information updates on the Internet is too fast, relying on this matter alone is already the limit of two days, the fourth day, has already been weak. However, as soon as the recording came out, the fandom exploded again. Han Shisheng's fans, needless to say, were all shocked by Tang Yiyuan's cheekiness and abused him crazily again. Some passers-by, on the other hand, came to eat melons and watch the fun. Especially those fans of Han Shisheng are gloating. Compared with the perfunctory attacks of passers-by, the fans of the same star-chasing girl know how to prick the hearts of Han Shisheng's fans. [I've seen a house collapse, but I've never seen it collapse like this. It's miserable. Tut.] [But what she said is true. No matter whether she has plastic surgery or not, whether she is obscene or not, she is her fiancee. It is useless for fans to envy and hate her. This is true.] [She was the one who met my brother, and she was the one who contacted my brother. She was also the fiancee of my brother. She did all the things that fans dare not think of. Oh, yes, she is still the oldest, and she has the most traffic on TikTok. Although she is 20 years old, she is still young.] [Han Shisheng hasn't come out to deny it yet. He won't coax his fiancee at home. Poor fans. He worries about his brother staying up late. Brother hugs his sister at home.] [You pull a banner at the gate of the community. Han Shisheng waits for a date at the gate of his fiancee. Banner: Shrimp and pig heart.] The fans, who were already very angry, even vomited three liters of blood,7g Ozone Generator, wishing they could kill Tang Yiyuan directly. At first, they were caught off guard by using cyber violence against Tang Yiyuan, but Tang Yiyuan was not frightened, let alone now. While knocking melon seeds, Tang Yiyuan enjoyed the gossip leisurely. She originally thought that this public opinion war, so far, should be one-sided. After all, the other side is very familiar with the business,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and Han Shisheng and Anlu so many live fans control the field, ordinary people are afraid to look at three points, the result did not expect, watching, Tang Yiyuan unexpectedly found that there are many passers-by quietly to help her speak. Tang Yiyuan had nothing to do, so he went in and looked at it a few times, and at a glance he pulled out some of the waistcoats of passers-by. None other than the students of Boling Middle School. Other people may not recognize it, but as long as they are students of this school, they can see the clues at a glance. [Net friend A: Tang Yiyuan is not that kind of person at all. This is a rumor. You have to pay legal responsibility. 500 warnings!] [Net friend B: I know these two high school seniors and a girl. The following are their Tik Tok numbers: xxxx X. Welcome to watch. As for Tang Yiyuan, there is no Tik Tok number, but there are many videos of her on the Internet. How about the character of both parties? You can judge for yourself.] [Net friend C: My brother is in Boling class, when the incident happened, he took a video, garbage day wave, delete my video, cover up the truth!] [Net friend D: I just sent a video and was directly reported (). I don't know whether to say that Rilang took money or that the two girls' mouths were too dirty.] [Net friend E: My home page was directly restricted, steatite c221 ,Ceramic Bobbin, and as expected, the other party invited the water army.] Tang Yiyuan carefully looked at some, these help her to speak the account is really not quite right, if not Tang Yiyuan just found one, through him to find a few others, in the square, simply can not find them, search keywords, the first few pages jumped out, are all abusive Tang Yiyuan, all about Tang Yiyu this matter of related words hot search, all were given to control comments. Not only did no one pay attention to these people who helped Tang Yiyuan speak, but they also lowered the heat. The only evidence video was also harmonized, so there was no way to reverse public opinion for Tang Yiyuan. Those sunspots did not let Tang Yiyuan shake half a minute, but the friendship of the students made Tang Yiyuan very happy. The female partner had no friends at school before, that is to say, these friends were all new friends that Tang Yiyuan had made in this world. As far as Tang Yiyuan is concerned, it is just a simple task to study with you and share her experience of doing exercises with you. She never expects someone to think about her good, after all, it is some small things, she is ready to be a teacher, the actual age of these students is younger than her, sometimes, Tang Yiyuan face them, just like a teacher facing students. But it's a pleasure to be really liked and affirmed. Even if it is a small effort, even if it is a little response, it is also very touching. Although this novel world is created by Anlu, people besides her always surprise Tang Yiyuan frequently. She really likes it here more and more. What's the matter, laughing so happily? Tang Yiyuan thought so much that he didn't notice his parents' appearance for a moment. It was not until he heard them say this that Tang Yiyuan came to his senses. Normally, Tang's father and mother attach great importance to the privacy of Tang's kite. Considering the careful thinking of girls of this age, they seldom take the initiative to enter Tang's kite's bedroom. But today the situation is different, after all, the Internet has fallen out, Tang Yiyuan can be indifferent, but Tang's father and mother are concerned about their children's reputation. They were also worried that Tang would pretend not to care and cry secretly, but they didn't expect to see the door of the room open as soon as they went upstairs. And Tang Yiyuan, who they thought would cry secretly, was actually laughing? "No." Tang Yiyuan hurriedly said, but the expression on her face was so happy that it was estimated that she could not be fooled, or honestly explained, "I saw many students speaking for me." "Classmate, where is it? Why didn't we see it?" Tang's father and mother exclaimed. As soon as they surf the Internet, all they see is overwhelming abuse! "These, you see, this is also." Tang Yiyuan pulled out these small waistcoats one by one and pointed them out to his parents. Tang's father and mother said that although Tang Yiyuan's classmates spoke lightly on the Internet and did not make any powerful voice, it also proved that the children really got along well with their classmates during this period of time at school. It's always a good thing to see Tang Yiyuan so happy, but also can not help laughing with Tang Yiyuan. Tang Yiyuan is still digging the waistcoat of the classmate, point to point, suddenly a refresh, a piece of new news popped out. When Tang Yiyuan saw the news,Ozone generator ceramic plate, he raised his eyebrows without accident. The face of Tang's father and mother sank on the spot. At the same time, the other end of the community, He Zhai.

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