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Everly filed a story and returned to his car. The windscreen on the right was smashed. It seems that an experienced thief did it. Only a few things are missing. His Wells Fargo check book was taken with checks 118 to 125.

"Tomato, I think you like her?"? Otherwise, how can you talk about Fang Yichang and Fang Yichang, since you like her, then go to express your love to her? It's useless to tell me here. Xiang Qianrui cleverly threw the question on her friend. She wanted to embarrass her friend once. She knew that her friend didn't like that freak, so she deliberately said so. Who let her friend's reaction always be slower than others? As soon as the tomato listens to Qian Rui's words, she does not comply, "well, how can you pull on me?"? I'm giving you advice, and I'm doing this for your own good? It seems that I am really kind enough to be regarded as a donkey's dry lung. "Tomato, you are still my best friend, why don't you understand my mind?"? You know I'm not interested in men to Qian Rui, why do you want to involve me with that freak? I'll forgive you this time, and the next time I hear what that freak did to me? I'll never forgive you. You know my character. I'm a man of my word. Tomato looked at Qian Rui really angry, she did not dare to say anything, but also did not dare to refute, she has always understood the personality of friends, friends is a person who absolutely does what she says, she will always be eaten by friends. Two people were silent for a while,jacuzzi manufacturers, tomato first can not hold her breath, she had to take the initiative to speak first, obviously want to please Qian Rui, "Rui Rui, don't be angry, I will never say again.". What do you want to do later? I'll stay with you. "I didn't eat in the canteen at noon today, mainly because I have no appetite today. I want to eat something spicy to stimulate my appetite now." Speaking of spicy food,endless swimming pool, Xiang Qianrui's eyes suddenly brightened. Everyone familiar with her knows that besides decorating the room, her other hobby is to eat spicy food. Whether it's Sichuan's spicy food or Hunan's spicy food, as long as it's spicy, she doesn't like it. More importantly, she did not have any adverse reactions after eating spicy food, unlike what others described as acne, spots and other things, but she did not, her skin is as tender and smooth as a baby, white and flawless. Want to eat spicy food again? I think you'd better go alone. I really dare not touch those red things. It will kill me. "When Qian Rui saw that the tomato's head was shrinking into a tortoise, he made fun of her timidity and cowardice." You're really not going? "No." "Then don't bother me with the phone after I pass by?" "Yes, sir." "Look at you!" "If it hurts people, it hurts them. Hey, endless swimming pool ,China spa factory, hey." After breaking up with Tomato, Xiang Qianrui took a bus to the place where she often went to eat Malatang. This Malatang is opened in the supermarket, mainly because the environment here is pleasing to the eye, the ingredients are hygienic, the taste is authentic, and the price is reasonable, so that people can eat comfortably and safely. She ordered some of her favorite ingredients, ordered a few barbecues, and had a cup of fragrant milk tea. Lunch was simple and generous. She ate vigorously and happily. Hey, tomato, didn't I tell you not to bother me? Why did you call me after being separated for a while? Hey, you.. I'm eating Malatang. Same place, you know. Well, well, I'll wait for you here. At the end of the call, she continued to eat her favorite, ignoring the chatter of the women next to her, like a few hens quarreling, which was annoying. But things are often like this, when you don't want to do anything, the result will be just the opposite. The voices of the women, one after another, had drowned out the other voices in the shop. A woman: "Yo, I say, did you go to Chen Fei's piano concert last night?" B female: "You went?" Woman A: Yes. It was so beautiful to see her in person. Look at her slender fingers. It seems that she was born to play the piano. Female C: "Chen Fei is very popular now. The concert she held is full." D female: "Yes.". I heard that the mayor's young master took a fancy to him because of his strong backstage. ” C female: "Is there such a thing?" A female: "I also know this thing, I still saw her get on the car of young master of the Xu family last night, do not mention two people have much affection." ………………………… Xiang Qian Rui hastily ended the Malatang and did not want to continue listening to the nonsense of those women. She picked up her bag and left. When she passed by the gossip girls, she said two words, "boring." The author has something to say: Xiao Su wants to tell you that the plot will unfold slowly. You have to wait patiently and work slowly. Xiao Su's main purpose is to write this article as well as possible. I hope you will support and encourage me. Thank you. The weather is unpredictable There were more and more people in the small shop, and they were all watching the fun. Four to one, I wonder who will lose? It's hard to say whether they will win or lose, because none of them looks like dirt. Woman A: What did you say just now? That's enough. Say it again? Be careful that I find someone to chop you. Xiang Qianrui: "Tut, you go to look for it now. What are you waiting for?"? I'm waiting. C female: "We chat our day, concern you what thing, do not like to listen to, long ear why?" Xiang Qianrui: "Of course, there is nothing wrong with long ears. It's a pity that my ears are soiled by some foul language!" D female: "Who do you scold?"? You're so young and bold. Are you tired of living? B female: "Do not talk nonsense so much with her, I call a person to come over to punish her right away." To Qian Rui: "Hum, do not call a person to come over, you are coward." B female: "The schoolgirl now, it is more and more rambunctious, you are waiting,outdoor endless pool, see how to punish you later." Xiang Qianrui said, "Hum, I've seen a lot of vain people like you. Aren't you just an empty shelf?" Woman A: "You …" 。 monalisa.com

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