Nine Dragon Rings

Everly filed a story and returned to his car. The windscreen on the right was smashed. It seems that an experienced thief did it. Only a few things are missing. His Wells Fargo check book was taken with checks 118 to 125.

"Thanks!" Bai Qi handed his hand, and then said that he was going to take his own people to leave here and go to the central cave, but at this time he spoke again: "Wait.." 'What's The matter? What else is there? Bai Qi looked doubtfully at Huang Du in front of him and asked, he didn't understand what else this big guy had to do. Your companion is Xiao Yue Yin Wolf. I haven't seen people of this race for a long time. The ancient eight Warcraft royal family, now has long withered, the four holy beasts blue dragon, rosefinch, basalt, white tiger, each sleeping guarding one side, a lonely man, now is not dead, the nine-headed dragon many years ago left a Hydra heard that it was also suppressed, do not know whether it is dead or alive, Leipeng bird is extinct, Huang Du family left me alone. I thought the Xiaoyue Clan had perished, but I didn't expect that there was still one alive. How many people do you have? "Huang Du looked at Xiao Yue and said in a loud voice with infinite emotion." No, I'm the only one left in the Xiaoyue clan. Now I live with my master. After hearing this, Xiao Tian said with emotion, his tone was full of helplessness and decline. "Master?"? Um. Is this human? After taking a look at Bai Qi, he said with some emotion that when he said this, his eyes squinted and swept over Bai Qi in front of him, and he didn't know what he was thinking, but Bai Qi was sure that this guy's purpose was not simple, and his eyes contained too many things that even Bai Qi couldn't understand. But one thing Bai Qi can be sure of is that this guy should have no malice towards himself and Xiao Tian. (!) [Volume III Killing Life Chapter 193 Eight Royal Families in Ancient Times] After hesitating for a moment, he took another look at Bai Qi in front of him, whose eyes were rolling and rolling. Finally fell on the body of this white,outdoor spa manufacturers, seems to be hesitating what, but finally he sighed in front of the white said loudly: "human, since you are the master of the silver wolf, then according to reason is also my friend, you still have the moon to come with me, I have something to say to you." As he spoke, he had changed to two meters in size and was no different from an ordinary orangutan. The only difference was that he had two heads and fangs on his mouth, which was much more terrible than an ordinary orangutan. And even though his figure had changed dramatically, the breath on his body had not changed at all. Double-headed Huang Du.. Nope To be exact, those huge nine-level Warcraft have the ability to change their size at will. Of course, this is just to hide their bodies and become slightly larger than the average creature of the same kind. They can't become too small. Their ability can't compress their huge bodies to that extent. After the double-headed Huang Du changed his body shape, Xiao Tian took a look at the double-headed Huang Du and then took a look at the white rise, which also changed and restored his previous body shape at any time, and together with the white rise, jacuzzi swim spa ,best whirlpool tub, he left here with the bright figure of the two-headed Huang Du, leaving here about four or five thousand meters away, and stopped on a hill. As for Bai Qi's men, they stood still one by one, standing there on guard and not daring to make the slightest movement. These people all know their own identity, now they want to do knowledge waiting, quietly waiting for anything else do not need to do, can not do, otherwise not only will make Bai Qi unhappy, a bad two-headed turn against the words are enough for them to suffer. What's the matter? Now you can say it. After waiting for the figure to stabilize, Bai Qi looked around the stone hill that flustered you to make sure that no one was around, and that the words would not be heard by others, Bai Qi first asked. "Nothing, human." I just want to tell you that when you come out with this silver wolf, try not to let him show his ability, even if he wants to devour it, you can help him take out the magic core, quietly let him eat it, don't use it to swallow heaven and earth, and don't let others see his figure, and finally let outsiders feel that he is no different from an ordinary wolf. And you have to order your men to forget all the things they see, absolutely can not reveal the identity of the silver wolf, otherwise it will bring you endless disasters, and it is likely that the silver wolf will be killed because of you, believe me, as far as possible do not let people know the identity of the silver wolf, otherwise, you will regret it. Double-headed Huang Du took a look at Bai Qi in front of him and said very seriously. Although do not know why this guy would say such a thing, but Bai Qi subconscious feeling, this must be a reason, and Bai Qi also believe that there must be something he does not know, there must be some unknown reason. The age of this two-headed beak is there, and as an ancient Warcraft, he knows a lot of things, and a lot of ancient secrets are known by him. Why Know in the heart to know in the heart, although Bai Qi know this double-headed Huang Du let oneself keep the secret of Xiao Tian, try not to let outsiders know that there must be a reason, but Bai Qi is very curious, what is the reason. Some people say that women's curiosity can kill a cat, in fact, men's curiosity is not small, once it comes out, it is more terrible than women's. They also get to the bottom of things, especially when it comes to themselves. Taking one look at Bai Qi in front of him,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, Huang Du did not answer the question directly. He just looked at Bai Qi in front of him quietly, only to see the two heads of Huang Du get together. One of them opened his mouth and said, "Do you know who was the overlord of heaven and earth in this ancient time?" 。

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