Across the second world

Everly filed a story and returned to his car. The windscreen on the right was smashed. It seems that an experienced thief did it. Only a few things are missing. His Wells Fargo check book was taken with checks 118 to 125.

Facts have proved that my idea is really right, the thief should be quite familiar with the sacrifice, just ran out of the effective range of lightning totem control and immediately appeared, directly opened the rush to the leaf. This is not good! Watching the thief go straight to the leaves, my heart just missed a beat. Fifteen seconds is less than half the time, and I'm not a knight, so the chances of saving this damn dBuFF are slim. Thieves are not war riders and warlocks, if these two people alone, then Ye can hold for a moment, but in the past a master of field control, she is afraid that the day of her side will not pass. Never let Ye die first! Qiuqiu's immunity is not as good as mine. She suffered from a 40-second coma. If Ye died, then it's not necessarily difficult for these three guys to kill me when they are well prepared. PK is not afraid of being beaten, but it's afraid of being controlled and not being able to return it. Three people toss about one, and I really can't return it! It seems that it is time to expose some strength. I showed a wry smile, before that, I had not calculated that the first game of the points race would be so much trouble,jacuzzi swim spa, so I shook my head and summoned Xiaobai. Chapter 555 turn defeat into victory. Service Unavailable Chapter 556 the badge of light and glory. Service Unavailable Chapter 557 was nearly trapped. Service Unavailable Chapter 558 the summit of the soul. Service Unavailable Chapter 559 the way to make a living on the night of the Bright Moon. Chapter 559 of the main text: Comrade's way of making a living on the night of the bright moon. Our group of ten people in the first match of the personnel configuration is really not set down, although our own small team is also ten people, but the plane old gentleman as a big defensive battle in the competition is obviously not too much role, if it is a single combat, he met a close combat profession may also be able to rely on the skin thick blood long to grind the opponent to death, but the defensive battle in the group fight is really useless. A few of us have been worried about this matter these days. Ye's idea is to find a DPS profession and try to find a DPS profession,endless swim spa, because we have a ball in the treatment. A Guang and a half-hanging knock on the door are enough. The ideal is to add a firepower point. If not, consider the treatment. At the thought of asking the second brother to help find a candidate, he said truthfully, "Our regiment is still short of one person. It's meaningless for the plane to defend the war. I'm still thinking about asking you to help me find a similar attacker these days." "Do you think I can do it?" "You?" Comrade Mingyue's words startled me. I said, "Don't joke. If you come, who will lead the main team of your regiment?" As soon as I heard him say that he wanted to come to our group, my head was buzzing. Although we are now nominally members of the Sirius Gang, I know that many of the players in the club still regard us as "outsiders" temporarily living in the club. A boss was abducted by outsiders. What a ridiculous thing to do. I'm not kidding you. Our leader said to me with a straight face, "Little brother, I tell you that this is the result of your second brother's careful consideration." "Well?" Hearing what the second elder brother said, I was stunned for a moment, and my heart said that this old gentleman was really not joking, hot tub spa manufacturers ,hot tub wholesale, but what did he mean when a guild president formed a temporary group with us? Covet that little reward? It's impossible. Whether we can get a good place or not, even if we can get a good place, the second brother is not the one who breaks up the team with his old teammates for something. Little brother, I have studied it carefully. The strength of your team now has the hope of emerging in the competition. So if there is a place in your team, you must keep it for me. You don't know the level of your second brother. After adding me, I guarantee that the strength will be greatly improved. I said, "Come on, brother, is it so important for you to get a place?"? You're here, Blackie, and they're all in a mess? "Don't interrupt me before I finish.". "Comrade Mingyueye gave me a white look and said," This is very important, very important. I went to your team because I studied with Laohei and Meimei. " He paused and said, "Little brother, it is very important for a profit-making guild to get a good place in such a large-scale event, especially for the president. If he can make a name for himself in the competition, it will play a decisive role in the future exhibition of the trade union!" The second brother's words surprised me. I am very clear about his personality. Although he is usually laughing and laughing, he is by no means the kind of person who is full of words, so I decided to wait for the following. Little brother, you may not know much about the current game market. The second brother sighed and said, "As I told you before, there are only a few ways to make money in the game, either to cash in the game currency and equipment, or to sponsor in the form of a team, or to play the game." I nodded. The second brother did mention it to me before, but he still couldn't figure out what it had to do with him jumping the queue. Just as he was wondering, he went on to say, "You know, the way our group made money in the game before was to cash in by selling equipment and gold coins." I am very clear about this, although it is now due to the construction of the station is also very short of money, but every month the second brother will take out part of the inventory to sell as a living allowance to the professional players who point to the game to live. However, cashing out is also unstable in several ways of making money by pointing to the game. Although we have made a lot of money by pointing to cashing out for a while, more and more people are looking at this piece of meat. I think that if I want to survive in the game, I must transform. The second brother said that this is a fact, with the steady improvement of everyone's level, more and more people are making money and selling money in the game, many maps with better money are full of people,best whirlpool tub, although the Sirius Gang is now in the game is also a high port, the second brother they generally play some high-end equipment to sell RB directly, but now they feel that the market is very big.

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