The poison of online games

Everly filed a story and returned to his car. The windscreen on the right was smashed. It seems that an experienced thief did it. Only a few things are missing. His Wells Fargo check book was taken with checks 118 to 125.

One is the Frost Storm, which has appeared before, sweeping 360 degrees around Arsenal, with an attack distance of about 800 yards, and the other is Arsenal's undead spell: Death Vortex, which will appear at the foot of Arsenal when it is turned on. This whirlpool has a pulling force similar to the death grip of the death rider, which will slowly pull the player within the attack range of the whirlpool, and in the process of pulling, the player will continue to lose health, especially abnormal. This skill is not a fixed-point skill. It moves with Arsenal. The whirlpool will always move with her. The first time this skill was used by Arsenal, the dark hunter players in the rear were caught off guard. That was the biggest loss of the whole kite tactics. More than 200 dark hunter players were pulled by the death whirlpool, and then died under Arsenal's ice explosion. Fat people did get away with it, not because they were strong enough to ignore the pull, but because they were smart enough. They found that all the attacks that Arsenal could instantly send were small-scale attack magic, and once the singing state appeared, it must be a large-scale move, so when Arsenal first used the death vortex, although they did not know what moves Arsenal was going to use, they still took advantage of the three seconds when Arsenal stopped singing. Run away far away. The Dark Hunter players in the rear were hit. Because some people were too excited, when Arsenal's blood volume had dropped by a considerable amount,endless swim spa, just looking at it could see that the defect of a large grid of blood bars, after all, more than four hundred dark hunter players, after Arsenal was reduced to defense, caused her more than twenty thousand points of damage at a time is not a joke, it is precisely because of this fruitful stimulation. The Dark Hunter players were a little too excited, and they misjudged Arsenal's behavior when they didn't see the white frost light in his hands. No one expected that Arsenal would suddenly throw out such an undead magic. The players who died were probably a little depressed, because Arsenal had been using frost magic before,outdoor whirlpool, and suddenly changed the attack mode, which was like two swordsmen who were fighting with knives, when one of them suddenly pulled out a pistol and fired at the other. What a painful surprise attack it was. As the battle continues, the process of killing Arsenal goes smoothly, but there are also losses. When the players of the Owl Wolf Guild hang up, they also have fat people. The whole battlefield is in the cemetery, and the cross tombstones sometimes have a blocking effect on people running. This kind of time is the most depressing, fat people did not pay much attention at first, often because of blocking pause caused Arsenal to chase them to attack, so to the back, when they run, they are as careful as possible and carefully, pick up the wider road to run. When people's attention is focused, they will find that time passes quickly. Unconsciously, 4 person jacuzzi ,outdoor whirlpool tub, the fat man has been dealing with Arsenal for more than four hours. During this period, the fat man has hung up six times. After all, his human hatred generator is not a joke. The fate sky has also been affected by him to hang up three times. The number of times the dark hunters in the rear have hung up. There is no way to count fat people, but it is estimated that there are quite a few. On average, it is estimated that there are two or three times for one person. It's also good to have this guy in the middle to coordinate command, which led to the emergence of casualties, the entire tactical formation did not produce collapse and chaos, during which the fat man with their accelerated potion ran out, had to find the Red Wolf in the middle of their way to take, and the same, the dark hunter players after the effect of the transfer of attack power disappeared, also had to go back to re-fill the state, it can be said. A lot of time was wasted in the four-hour battle. But their achievements are obvious, Arsenal's blood volume has been declining, playing to now, she has only a small amount of blood left, visual estimates down, I am afraid it is about two hundred thousand life value! This discovery made the fat people alert, because if I remember correctly, Arsenal was about to go on a rampage! When he killed Akti Romon, he also went on a rampage, that is, Akti Romon was converted into his own sea dragon form to attack the player. However, Akdi Romon's blood volume was three times more than that of Arsenal, so the time for Akdi Romon to go on a rampage was much earlier, and now it is estimated that Arsenal should be in such a state. The fat man wanted to remind the Red Wolves to be careful after he gave Arsenal a dark poison, but at this time, an unexpected change suddenly happened! The fat man and all the members of his team suddenly heard a prompt from the system at the same time: "Please note that you have been forced to leave the team!" Such a system prompt, it was too unexpected, so it caused the fat people to have a moment of stupefaction, but it was at this time that a group of ash warlock players from the Owl Wolf Guild, not far from the periphery, suddenly launched an attack on the fat people, although these players were watching the battle outside the cemetery fence, but at this time they just ran in the direction they were facing. As soon as this was launched, a large number of ejection fireballs were thrown at the fat men! The number is too much, almost hundreds of ejection fireballs hit them, these ejection fireballs hit one of them, will continue to carry out ejection damage, fat people were directly hit by a surprise, each head out of a series of damage figures, and then fell down in an instant! While falling down, the fat man finally reacted! Paralyzed, the red wolf this old boy, watched the Arsenal soon fell, he actually played to burn the bridge? The fat man almost spat out a mouthful of blood,hot tub spa manufacturers, mom, this bastard! He'll regret it! Chapter 649 eat mine and spit it out. To tell you the truth, the fat man was really careless this time.

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