Rebirth and promotion in the Qing Dynasty

As soon as the two of them heard this, the Lotus Dang was in the northwest corner. It had already passed the end, and it could be reached by passing through a ravine. It was only six or seven Li away from each other.

Concubine Ma Jia leaned back in her chair and retched a few times. She seemed to feel better. She quickly stood up and said to Concubine Niu Hu, "I just lost my manners. Please forgive me." Niu Hu Lufei opened her mouth with a strong smile and said, "Sister, get up and sit down quickly. How can you punish your sister? Maybe it's a happy event." After drinking a few mouthfuls of hot tea, Concubine Ma Jiashu suppressed the nausea from her chest. She looked at Concubine Niu Hu with some embarrassment and said, "I don't know what happened just now. Suddenly, there was a fragrance on Sister Wanliuha's body. I couldn't stand it all of a sudden.." "That's my fault. After two months of confinement in the house, I couldn't take a bath or wash my hair, but I was so stuffy. Today, I asked them to smoke more spices in this dress. I didn't expect that it would collide with Ma Jia's sister. Ma Jia's sister looked at it as a happy event. Forgive her sister." Nuo Min is not a fool, Ma Jia Shufei wants to turn the topic to her again, but she won't do it. In fact, Nuomin doesn't like Luzhou-flavor incense, because she only likes sandalwood and light incense in her previous life. Today is the first day of her confinement, Nuomin don't have to think much about it and know that someone will "attack" her and give her hatred, so today she deliberately made her whole body fragrant. The purpose of nature or want to burst out Ma Jia Shufei pregnant things, to do their own shield, otherwise she let blue stare at Ma Jia Shufei before what to do, not for today. Obviously this effect is still very good, at least most of the hatred and eye knife transferred to Ma Jiashufei. Soon the Imperial Physician came. After feeling the pulse of Concubine Ma Jiashu, he congratulated Concubine Ma Jiashu and Concubine Niu Hulu with a smile. Now Concubine ma Jiashu is almost three months pregnant. This is a "big happy event"! Looking at all the belly sad,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, but also with a decent smile on his face to congratulate Ma Jiashufei pregnant, Nuomin heart can not stop a burst of funny, the harem is so suffocating, especially when they are not pregnant watching others pregnant. Although Ma Jiashufei secretly hated Nuomin for letting her burst out pregnant ahead of time, she turned around and thought that now she was going to be three months soon. It was nothing to burst out pregnant at this time. If she really burst out again in three months, if someone was interested in fanning the flames in the emperor, it would be bad for her. In the first few years, especially when Concubine Ma Jia gave birth to the emperor's first son,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, she still had a fight in her heart with Empress Hesheli and Concubine Niu Hu Lu, especially when Zu Botuhai, who had a great voice in the court, also supported her. But then all the hopes of Ma Jia's concubine were dashed. She gave birth to so many children for the emperor, but she is still a small concubine. Her child died for no reason, but the emperor turned a deaf ear. At that time, Ma Jia's concubine was really hurt. Later also do not know is the change of her state of mind let the emperor notice, or because she is old and not as delicate as the new person, in short, Ma Jiashufei obviously felt that the emperor has not been as fond of her as before. In this case, Ma Jiashufei attached great importance to her children. If a man is unreliable, he has to rely on his son. As early as a month ago, Ma Jiashufei knew that she was pregnant, but the death of her first three sons made her a little desperate. Obviously, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, the big trouble was no longer in the world, but Ma Jiashufei still formed a subconscious concealment of her pregnancy, waiting for three months to sit down and burst out. In the heart probably wants to understand, Ma Jia concubine in the face of other people's envy and jealousy of the eyes, it seems much more calm. When the news spread to the Palace of Heavenly Purity, the Cining Palace, and the Ningshou Palace, the three OSS were all overjoyed at the news. The concubines in the harem were pregnant one after another to make the royal family flourish. This was a great joy. Although the object is always give them joy and let them sad Ma Jia concubine, but whether Kangxi or the empress Dowager empress Dowager as usual let people reward things in the past, ordered Ma Jia concubine to give birth to a good fetus, at the end of the Empress Dowager Dowager is issued an oral order, Xu Ma Jia Concubine don't have to go out to pay his respects before giving birth to a child. Hearing the news, Ma Jiashufei was naturally happy, but others were not very happy, including Nuomin, who had enjoyed the treatment before. Please, she is to take Ma Jiashufei as a shield, now the shield is gone, is it really difficult to go into battle shirtless? Nuomin is reborn and has some adventures, but this does not mean that she is omnipotent, omnipotent that is God, not human, let her on all the concubines in the harem, Nuomin can not do this to overturn them, can kill one or two is good. In a twinkling of an eye, Nuomin looked at the presence of the concubines, suddenly glanced at the hands of Nala Shufei clasped, and looked at her expression, and then looked at Tong Shufei that this can not stop the extreme face, suddenly in the heart had an idea. No matter whether the two are really allied or not, as long as they become one, then the alliance may be broken. Chapter 46 holding small steamed stuffed buns. To be honest, in the previous life, although Nuomin showed a timid little transparent appearance in the palace, so that the concubines in the harem did not take her as a dish. But in fact, Nuomin was very broad-minded, otherwise she would not have lived to more than ninety years old and become one of the longest concubines in the Qing Dynasty and even in the whole ancient times. Just in Wei's betrayal, coupled with the back of the possession of the literature network to see more such and such strange things, leading to a lot of things Nuo Min has not been surprised, the mood has changed up. Since it is a mistake not to fight, then why not fight hard, maybe the salted fish will turn over, the worst fear is to end up with the same fate as the previous life. Therefore, although she felt a little strange in the face of the alliance between Nala and Tong, and even did not know whether the alliance was false, she still did not care about it. How about the alliance? One had no son and the other had a son. This was their biggest difference. Even if she did not intervene, sooner or later they would break up because of this. This also led to no pressure when Nuomin calculated Nala Shi and Tong Shi,304 Stainless Steel Wire, not to mention strictly speaking, she and Tong Shi still have enmity, now it is just a cycle of cause and effect with revenge.

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