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As soon as the two of them heard this, the Lotus Dang was in the northwest corner. It had already passed the end, and it could be reached by passing through a ravine. It was only six or seven Li away from each other.

As soon as the two of them heard this, the Lotus Dang was in the northwest corner. It had already passed the end, and it could be reached by passing through a ravine. It was only six or seven Li away from each other. Ask the way to get up immediately, after this came to be more careful. The future is a long slanting valley, the setting sun reflects, the autumn grass withered and yellow, quiet, no one has met. He thought that according to what the natives said, Lianhuadang was a land of fish and rice, and there must be a lot of people. When he got there, he would first look for the residents to find out, and then go to the temple to lodge, so as not to be rash. Just out of the ravine, in front of the fruit shows the middle of the wild river, there are large lakes, the water surface is very wide, many people, but are scattered between the lakes and mountains, at most two or three together, different from the villages seen on the way. There were several fishing boats beside the lake, but no one was there. First when the natives are eating dinner, because there is no temple word, I want to find someone to inquire. Not far away, I suddenly found that the unharvested crops in the field seemed to have been burned, and the houses were neat from a distance. Most of the houses in the vicinity seemed to have been deliberately destroyed, and two were destroyed by fire,stainless steel welded pipe, and every house was closed. There was a house that had collapsed and was busy building. A pot was set up in front of the door to cook. The five men and women all looked sad. When they saw the stranger approaching, they were quite alarmed. Then they saw that they were young, carrying their luggage, and asked the monk in the temple, before they began to settle down. One of them first asked if they knew each other and why they had come here. As soon as he heard that he was passing by, he said, "The land we planted is our own, and it has nothing to do with the monks.". I only know that he has gone out and will not return until tomorrow. You have nothing to do but pass by. I heard that the monk in the temple is fighting with others. It will be about one point tomorrow. We don't even dare to ask about it in our hometown. Why should you young people get caught in the water and suffer this injustice? If you don't know each other, find another place to stay. Jiang Fei recognized that the other party was the original native,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, and his tone was partial to the monk's side, so he told Tang Ba Ye what he had done. When the other party heard this, he was immediately surprised and delighted. Even the family behind the house came and surrounded the two of them. It turned out that Hao Sanlao, a local tyrant living thirty miles away from here, had long taken a fancy to the benefits of the local soil and water. Because the monks in the temple were not easy to mess with, he first used his soft skills to accept them. In addition, he built a large temple in his town and donated his land as incense in the temple. He wanted to change the mountains and move the Stone Buddha Temple there. The monk saw that he was resourceful, and was instructed by Tang Ba. Knowing that there was a large area of land on the lake, he decided to take in the poor people who had fled from famine, and to subsidize them from the temple, so that they could cultivate their own food and make a living by fishing. How could he be willing to ruin the lives of hundreds of natives who had not been established for a long time and be slaughtered by local tyrants? Sex and straight, words are not congenial, at that time, the local tyrant suffered a great loss and fled back. As a result, he formed a deep enmity and asked people everywhere to seek revenge, but they were all defeated by the monk. Recently, they colluded with Shi Wengui, another local tyrant, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 stainless steel wire, and the two sides joined forces to invite a gang of robbers from Shandong. Last month, they came here to defeat the monk and occupy the temple. Concluding that the monk would never give up, and knowing that Zhao Kong had many friends in Jianghu, he was afraid that he would go and return. Apart from being forced to surrender and counting his tenants in the future, the rest were all driven away, and more than a dozen natives were killed and wounded to demonstrate. He also left a few experts waiting in the temple, intending to wait until the next spring when the enemy had not returned to the temple and had no information about revenge, and then build a castle in the local area and go to the town in person. On the one hand, he ordered people to search for the whereabouts of the enemy. But less than half a month later, Zhao Kong and Jing Ming invited helpers to come and defeated all the enemies guarding the temple, wounded three of them, and recaptured the temple. Along with the fleeing and exiled natives, Dexin also rushed back, rebuilding their homes and picking up the remnants, while the monks prepared to meet the enemy. The natives all felt the benefits of the monk and knew that the enemy would never stop and would come back. They were so indignant that they all wanted to fight together. The monk said forcefully, "The enemy is fierce. If you don't know martial arts, you have to die. It's hard to predict whether all the disciples in the temple will win. Why bother to die?"? It's better to pretend to be honest and have nothing to do with each other. If we are defeated, all of you will be his tenants at most. If you occupy the land, you can still linger on and wait for the opportunity. If you find Tang Ba Ye, you will still have the hope of recapturing the old property. Otherwise, my master and disciples will still be defeated. Won't you fight a stone with an egg? Then he taught a set of words and warned again and again: "Not many things, if a stranger comes here, no matter men or women, old or young, we are prepared, and there is no need to go to the temple to send a letter, in order to avoid getting into trouble." Not only the lakeside residents, but also the two of them were ordered to be greeted along the way, so they refused to speak out. And said: "The day before yesterday, the leader ordered people to send a letter to sign a contract. Tomorrow he will bring people here to live or die. He will not give up until all the monks in the temple are killed.". Just now a stranger went to the temple one after another to spy on it. After a while, someone went to look at it, but he had disappeared. Maybe something would happen today. The two men asked to know that the Stone Buddha Temple was in the woods in the southeast, and there was a hill in front of it, which could not be seen in front of it. Hearing the ferocity of the local tyrants and the bandits, he was so excited and indignant that he thanked the natives and hurried there. The original meaning is that the first two monks are friends of Tang Ba. The man is also a chivalrous swordsman. He has just taken the opportunity to help him. When he says the purpose of his visit, he will be treated kindly. Found in front of the temple, see the temple is very tall, surrounded by trees, opposite a hill, there is a large open space and many stone piers, but the temple door closed, fallen leaves fluttering, silent. After knocking on the door for a while, he heard an answer from someone inside. Before he could open his mouth, he said that he had something to do in the temple and could not receive outsiders. Please go somewhere else to stay. Jiang Fei also wanted to make clear the purpose of his visit. As soon as he talked about Tang Ba, a middle-aged man answered, "I know you two benefactors are not evil people, but you have something urgent to do. It's really difficult to invite guests to the temple at this time. You'd better find another place to stay. There's no need to say more.". You said that even if we knew each other, it would be useless. If you really want to be unfamiliar with people and places, you can go to the third house on the east bank of the lake to stay for a night, and you will get up at dawn. If there is any noise at night, you can't be too busy. If someone asks, he will say that he has no intention of passing by and that he has made a mistake. Don't say anything else. We mean well, don't misunderstand. The latter spoke in a very low voice, as if someone was looking out of the crack in the door, but the man who spoke first refused loudly. Most of the words they said were embarrassing, and their tones were different. They knew that things were urgent in the temple,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, so they deliberately acted in order to prevent them from being involved. Looking back at the emptiness of the square, he could not say clearly that he had the ability to help others. He deliberately said, "Monks and people are convenient. Why are you so domineering?".

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