Fickle Mercenary Concubine: Wang Ye's Wife Should Not Be Deceived

Mingzhu knew that since Suju's death, Sumei had been lonely and painful, so she let her go. Embroidered peach sent food up, she did not greet Yu Wenchu, took the bowl and chopsticks to eat.

Although in this substantial darkness, even if she could not see his face clearly, Chu Tianjiao clearly recognized the owner of the voice, and her heart was filled with a sweet and sour emotion in an instant. Without thinking, she straightened up and rushed over, wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, and buried her face in his gentle neck. Helan Ji, I miss you! "I know!" Palms stroked her wet hair, and Helan's voice was gentle and spoiled, "I miss you too!" In this way, the two people embraced each other in the void, without saying anything more, just embracing each other, feeling each other's warm breath, only each other's breathing and heartbeat in their ears. After a while, Helan Ji opened his mouth with some surprise. "You seem to have grown up. Have I been here for four years?!" Even in the dark, through his clothes, he still felt that the person in his arms seemed to be very different from before. That's because I'm not Chu Tianjiao! Chu Tianjiao straightened up and played a prank. "You've mistaken me for someone else!" He tightened his arms and held her in his arms again. His voice was very positive. "Don't forget that you have my mark in your body. Don't say four years, even forty years, four hundred years, four thousand years, I will recognize you?!" "What if someone else takes over my body?!" Chu Tianjiao asked with a smile. Have you forgotten the secret code between us?! Helan Ji stretched out his hand to pinch her chin and deliberately said in an exaggerated tone, 'The pot is Gao Shuaifu's'! ". " 'Cheating is'!". " Laughing out the secret signal they had made when they were joking before, Chutian Jiao lightly raised a finger, slightly moved his mind, and a small flame jumped out of his fingertips, "Come on, meet the brand-new Chutian Jiao!" Volume 33 Chapter 717: Princess? Princess! (9) Princess? Princess! (9) The flame jumped slightly, reflecting the faces of two people and two pairs of eyes with the same smile,dap diammonium phosphate, lovesickness and love. Helan looked at the familiar and strange face, and his eyes finally stopped under the black eyes that had not changed much. His tone was full of heartache, "Sorry, let you wait for four years!" "If I had to wait for you for four years, I would have found another man!" Chu Tianjiao retorted with duplicity, and then curled his small mouth, "If it weren't for finding a magic gun for you, I wouldn't want yuan Tong's grown-up pills!" Holding his neck tightly in one hand, she raised her hand to take out the gun from the Gankun bag and sent it to him. Her face had recovered its deep color. "In order to prevent the old magic stick from making trouble, we must hurry up!" Look at the gun in her hand, and then look at her face sideways, Helan's face has become dignified. Flapping his wings and leaning his body to make her more comfortable in his arms, he raised his left hand and solemnly took the gun in his hand. The fingertips of his right hand slid slowly over the gun, staring at the gun as if it were a long-lost old friend. "This gun, I seem to have known it for a long time!" "This is the gun of the Demon Emperor. Dan, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Sulphate price, if you say it's the Demon Emperor, then this gun should be yours!" Chu Tianjiao shrank in his arms and pressed his face against his face. "yuan Tong said that as long as you have the gun, you can break through the law array. I use the arrow of shooting the sun to stab a small crack in the law array. Whether we can go out or not depends on you!" Turning his face to meet her eyes, Helan said in a deep tone, "If we still can't break out, will you regret it?!" "What is there to regret?" Chu Tianjiao gave him a lazy glance. "Before I came in, I arranged everything for the funeral. At the worst, I stayed here until I died. I didn't eat or drink here. I don't know if I'll be hungry!" She said it lightly, but there was friendship between the lines. Helan's blood-colored eyes flashed a smile, but her mouth was as teasing as hers. "There's no food here, but there's me. If we really can't get out, I'll eat whatever you want!" "I'd rather go out for a roast leg of lamb!" Chutian pouted his lips contemptuously, "What delicious food do you have? In contrast, I would rather go out to eat roast leg of lamb, roast suckling pig, fish from Lily of the Valley Lake, steamed buns from Liu Ji.." "I'm just the opposite of you!" Helan Ji leaned over her lips and kissed her on her small mouth, "You are the only thing I really want to eat in this world!" Knowing that this "eating" is not the other "eating", Chu Tianjiao's heart jumped wildly, but his mouth was still overbearing, "Don't think that you are really a demon emperor with a gun, I have five artifacts on my body, want to eat me, there is no way!" "You!" Helan Ji shook his head and smiled. Although he was reproached, he was still spoiled. "Even if he became an adult, he was still like a child!" Chu Tianjiao wanted to say something more. Helan's silent expression had become serious. He turned to look at the pike in his hand. He opened his mouth in a deep voice, "Tianjiao, hold me tight!" Slightly squinting eyes, carefully watching the pike in his hand, Helan's wrist moved slightly, the pike suddenly buzzed, the gun body instantly overflowed a dazzling golden brilliance. Good gun! With a sigh of praise, Helan's wings moved slightly behind him, and he flew up with Chu Tianjiao and rushed straight out of the darkness to the outer layer of the law array. Volume 33 Chapter 718: Princess? Princess! (10) Princess? Princess! (10) "Wait a minute!" Knowing that Helan Ji was going to try the gun, Chu Tianjiao reminded him softly, and then raised his left hand. As he thought, the vine of eternal life on his left hand immediately came out, bypassed their bodies, and wrapped them tightly in one place. After all this, she raised her face and smiled at him with a sly smile. "This time, you can't do it again!" "Silly girl!" Raising his left hand to rub her hair, Helan gently pinched her chin, "from today on, even if it is a mountain of knives and a sea of fire, you and I will go together!" She raised her eyebrows gently. "Life and death?!" After cutting the messy hair on her face behind her ears, he solemnly said, "Life and death are inseparable!" The two men looked at each other and smiled. For a moment, Helan Ji withdrew his mind,calcium ammonium nitrate price, held the gun in both hands, and poured all his fighting spirit and spiritual power into the body of the gun. The more brilliant the gun was, the more dazzling the golden light was so dazzling that people dared not look at it.

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