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Mingzhu knew that since Suju's death, Sumei had been lonely and painful, so she let her go. Embroidered peach sent food up, she did not greet Yu Wenchu, took the bowl and chopsticks to eat.

Mingzhu knew that since Suju's death, Sumei had been lonely and painful, so she let her go. Embroidered peach sent food up, she did not greet Yu Wenchu, took the bowl and chopsticks to eat. Also do not know is embroidered peach too clever, or too self-assertive, unexpectedly prepared two sets of bowls and chopsticks, but also automatically to ask Yu Wenchu. Yu Wenchu is also not polite, put the pen to accompany to eat, two people do not speak, just buried in the bitter. In fact, Mingzhu could not eat at all. She did not have the habit of eating midnight snacks, but she put chopsticks after eating two mouthfuls. Yuwen first saw her put chopsticks, silently looked at her, lips slightly raised, lowered his head and continued to eat. Pearl saw clearly, inexplicably some worries were seen through the anger, immediately pushed the bowl, quickly returned to the bedroom. It wasn't long before Yu Wenchu came in and sat down at the table as usual and continued to criticize him. Mingzhu was never a calm person. She decided to find fault: "Is your Highness so busy?"? What urgent military affairs must be done tonight and brought to the bedroom to do? Yu Wenchu put down his pen and looked up at her,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, silent and unpredictable, with a pair of deep eyes like a well. Mingzhu was uncomfortable with him, so she turned her head and turned her back to him again. Then Yu Wenchu said, "I'm really busy, because I'm going to leave Beijing to train after my fourth uncle comes back tomorrow. It will take me more than half a month to come back.". The reason why I want to do it in the bedroom is because I'm worried about you and want to watch you. Chapter 858 is it bigger than your eyes? Pearl regretted talking to Yu Wenchu, because this person is too good at talking, can always catch her flaws,Magnesium Oxide price, and then step by step, forcing her to have no way out. Yes, even if angry, she can not help but worry about him, love him, this seems to have become an instinct. But now she was ready to find fault, so she assumed the posture of preparing for war: "I am fine, so many people to serve, what will be missing?" Yu Wenchu smiles: "I also have a lot of people to wait on, but if does not have your care to take care of, I feel that I lack anything, moreover lacks very much." Mingzhu doesn't want to talk to him. Yu Wenchu also wisely did not follow up the victory, but continued to do his thing. In the fourth watch, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, he still had no intention of resting. Mingzhu said unhappily, "I can't sleep with the light on." "Oh." Yu Wenchu tidied up the table slightly and blew out the lamp. He lay down quietly beside Mingzhu, without speaking or doing anything further, just sleeping. Mingzhu fell asleep in a complicated mood. As soon as she fell asleep, she heard Wei Tiande whispering to Yu Wenchu outside the window. She was so angry that she grabbed something and threw it at the window. She scolded, "Do you still want people to live?"? I didn't sleep until the second half of the night. I quarreled again before dawn. Is the sky going to fall? There was no sound at all. After a good break, Wei Tiande said, "The maidservant knows she's wrong.". "Excuse me, maidservant." Yu Wenchu, wearing only single clothes, looked at the pearl quietly, and it was hard to distinguish between joy and anger. Mingzhu stared back at him without any sign of weakness. "If you have something to say, just say it. If you have a fart, just put it. Why do you always look at me like this?"? Is it bigger than your eyes? Yu Wenchu's lips rose little by little and gradually blossomed into a big smile. Fu Mingzhu, you are so rude that you dare to say such a thing. He said, "But I like it." Because he knew that she was always worried about him. Mingzhu annoyed him to death. "Don't do that. I'm just too noisy. It's not what you think." "What did I think?" Yu Wenchu put on his clothes and got up. He combed his hair under the care of Xiangli. After washing, he stood in the morning light and looked back at Mingzhu. "Zhuzhu, you can't figure it out. I understand. I don't want you to figure it out right away, and I don't want you to follow my wishes in everything.". You know the truth better than anyone else. I won't say more. I just hope you can be happier when you come back. Then he strode out without looking back. Mingzhu lay upright on the bed and stared at the top of the tent, until she saw her eyes sour and tears flowing. It was at noon that Fu Ming entered the city and went to see Yu Wenchu travel-stained before he could freshen up and change his clothes. In the afternoon, everyone knew that Fu Mingzhao would never come back. He disappeared in Tongzhou without seeing anyone alive or dead. All of a sudden, there were rumors everywhere in the capital. There were people who were angry and did not believe that there must be something hidden in it. There were people who were cynical and sat and watched jokes. Some people were ready to please the Regent Princess and Fu Xiangfu. They were ready to ask for confirmation that Fu Mingzhao died in the line of duty and died in Tongzhou. Some people were ready to persuade Fu Xiangfu to make a tomb and send a funeral. As we all know, it is not a good thing for Fu Mingzhao to be alive, at least not for the reputation of Fu Xiangfu. Only Fu Xiangfu's mansion was quiet as usual. He closed the door and did not accept guests. No one in the mansion showed a sad look. Fu Lin, who was in charge of sending the guests, said calmly, "I haven't found my second uncle yet, and I haven't got any definite news yet. How dare I talk about life and death lightly?"? Everything depends on God's will. Only this sentence, so that all people can not open their mouths. When Yu Wenchu heard this sentence, he said to Fu Mingzheng on the opposite side, "There is someone in Fu's follow-up." In front of him and Fu Mingzheng, there was a map, which was full of marks, all of which were the dangerous places where Fu Mingzheng had gone to the north. Fu Mingzheng put away the map with an expressionless face and said, "Your Highness, let me go to the north." Yu Wenchu shook his head without hesitation: "No, you have to watch the capital for me." Fu Mingzheng pursed his lips. He knew what kind of scene would be in Beijing after Yuwen went to war. Most of them were demons dancing and charms running amuck in the world. Yu Wenchu this expedition, if you can win, everything is solved, if you lose, there is no way out. Yu Wenchu stood up and said, "I want to go out of the city to train my troops. My fourth uncle will go home first." When Fu Mingzheng withdrew,caustic calcined magnesite, someone from the palace came to tell him, "The empress Dowager is very concerned about the news of General Fu. Please ask Lord Fu to come to the palace for a chat." Fu Mingzheng went to Changxin Palace with an expressionless face. The empress Dowager summoned him with the same expressionless face: "Have you seen your second elder brother?"? Why don't you bring him back? Fu Mingzheng raised his lips and said with a sneer, "I haven't seen Fu Mingzhao. I have more heart than strength. I can't bring him back." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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