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Lu Qinglin, of course, heard her laughter and thought she was gloating. He turned over and pinched her nose: "Little heartless. Who did I endure it for? You still laugh at me." Such an intimate finish, Wenjing face like fire, she thought it was good to be in the night, if in th

Li Qingyi clenched his fist and settled Si Yulin. Then he turned to the police and asked, "Can I know the whole story?" The policeman looked very serious. He nodded and said, "As it happens, the car driven by the injured person is yours. We also need you to cooperate with the investigation." Said, he took out a few photos, Qin Tang leaned over to look at two eyes, is the scene of the incident photos. It was a truck that collided with Si Yulin. The truck was empty and there were no goods. The front of Li Qingyi's black sports car was dented, and there were scratches on the side of the car body. It looked a bit frightening. Li Qingyi looked through them one by one, and his face became more gloomy. He held the paper in his hand with a slight effort and said, "Is there any monitoring?" Si Yulin worked hard with him when he first came out. At first, he was not popular in the entertainment circle. Si Yulin never gave up on him. He knew that he never participated in the liquor Bureau and was not reluctant to do so. When Li Qingyi was not qualified to refuse the wine glasses handed by others, Si Yulin blocked the wine every time, and even had stomach bleeding because of it. Over the past few years, Li Qingyi has never thought of changing a broker, even though his ability is even worse in the later period, and he is also a little playful at ordinary times. The policeman shook his head. He took back the paper that Li Qingyi held tightly in his hand and said, "That seat is the dead corner of the surveillance. From the scene, the injured first hit the railing and then collided with the truck.". According to witnesses, the truck crushed the victim's vehicle twice, and the victim might have been more seriously injured if the witness had not whistled. Later, we checked the vehicle and found that the brake pads on the vehicle were artificially damaged, and initially concluded that it was a premeditated attack. Without surveillance, the representative can't see who did it, the witness is just a passer-by, and it's dark, so it's easy for the murderer to hide. However, the purpose of the murderer is very clear, it is aimed at killing all the people in the car, without mercy. Li Qingyi seemed to be a little confused,push back racking system, he suddenly held Qin Tang's hand tightly, so strong that Qin Tang felt some pain, she bit her lower lip, but did not speak. The muscles of Li Qingyi's arm were tight. After a while, he seemed to regain his calm. He said in a calm voice, "That car is mine. I suspect it has something to do with the explosion some time ago." "Suspicion requires reasonable evidence, and no case can be filed without evidence." Li Qingyi's explosion incident some time ago made a lot of noise, and most people have heard about it, but that incident has almost been identified as an accident, and it is really difficult without evidence. The police interrogated two more sentences, thinking that the patient still needed someone to take care of him, so they did not let Li Qingyi follow him to the police station. Si Yulin did not have a trace to regain consciousness, he lay sick on the bed, Li Qingyi sat on the edge of the bed, incandescent light on his face a little shadow, industrial racking systems ,asrs warehouse, so that Qin Tang can not see his face. Qin Tang stood beside Li Qingyi and hesitantly reached out his hand and stroked his generous back. I When I was on the set, I saw two men saying what they had done, and the young man gave a lot of money to go out. Qin Tang hesitated for a long time, and finally said what she knew, now it is not important to cover up, the important thing is to catch the murderer as soon as possible, so that Li Qingyi can be safe around. Li Qingyi raised his eyes, his eyes flickered slightly. He pursed his lips and did not speak. He heard Qin Tang continue to say: "This is what I saw in the explosion crew. Today I saw that man again." I should have told you earlier to remind you. Qin Tang hung his head, some self-reproach, if she had given Li Qingyi a reminder earlier, perhaps such a thing could have been avoided. Li Qingyi held Qin Tang's restless little hand in his backhand. He shook his head and said, "It's too late for you to remind me." Si Yulin only stayed on the set for a while. The man probably didn't expect that it was Si Yulin who drove his car today. It can be said that Si Yulin blocked a disaster for Li Qingyi. Li Qingyi's face showed some fatigue. He held Qin Tang's hand tightly. Suddenly he closed his eyes and said softly, "Stay with me for a while.". ” Quiet in the ward for a long time, can only hear the sound of various instruments ticking, Qin Tang pursed his lips and stretched out his hand, holding Li Qingyi's generous shoulder, no longer speak. The author has something to say: Si Yulin: I'm lying in bed and you two have to feed the dog food! There is no justice! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Today's dog food seems to have been spilled yesterday (/ω ω) Chapter 57 Chapter 57 Si Yulin is still unconscious, Li Qingyi temporarily did not return to the crew work, until Si Yulin's parents to the imperial capital, he was relieved, but more guilty. Si Yulin is an only child, parents are open-minded, get the news, two people are like an old circle, two old after knowing the ins and outs of the matter, but also did not blame Li Qingyi, but grateful for Li Qingyi usually take care of Si Yulin. His own son knows best, of course, the two elders also know that Si Yulin's ability is limited, usually Si Yulin home will often read Li Qingyi's good, but looking at this sick and unconscious Si Yulin, Si's mother also secretly wiped tears in the middle of the night. The old man did not know where to learn about this matter, flew into a rage, let Li Zeqian mobilize all available resources to investigate this matter, and fully bear the medical expenses of Si Yulin. After he handed over all the power of the company, he was relieved to retire in X province, but he didn't expect this to happen. Li Zeqian, of course, is full of promises, privately also sent more people to investigate, Li Qingyi enemies are not many, do not know who in the end is so bold. Qin Tang is not Li Qingyi can ask for leave at will, she can only return to the set, this TV series on the number of her and Li Qingyi with the most scenes, Li Qingyi ask for leave, although the director is dissatisfied,radio shuttle racking, but will not say anything. Qin Tang is concerned about the situation of Li Qingyi's side, while filming, the whole person is much thinner.

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