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With a bang, Xu's mother's hair was blown into a pile of stray hair, not only that, half of Xu's mother's face was covered with blood, half of her face was blackened, the blue sky and the white sun were struck by lightning, this is not retribution! Now no matter wha

Before leaving, Guo Jing saw the old man in front of him smiling at him with a cigarette in his mouth. Even if he is as dull as Guo Jing, you can see that the man is smiling happily. Guo Jing is a little strange, do not know why this unknown person would smile so friendly to himself, that person's appearance actually looks more like a bandit. Qiao Feng likes to see the story of this man and that woman meeting, although the current two people do not match, but in Qiao Feng's view, meeting is always good. So he bared his teeth and smiled happily. It is not difficult to find the store, but how to rush in. Neither Huang Rong nor Guo Jing expected that hundreds of people would rush to buy water bottles, cups and sheets in front of the small store, which is the only golden season of the year for school-run stores. For Huang Rong, Huang Yaoshi will let the secretary sort out these things and deliver them on time, while for Guo Jing, the luggage of 50 kilograms behind his bicycle has already included everything, and he just carried it from Mongolia. I Huang Rong wanted to blurt out: "*** me, how can I be like this?" She doesn't care about swearing, but in front of Guo Jing, she feels that she should take care of the auditory nerves of minority students. Guo Jing looked down at Huang Rong, Huang Rong's tight skirt and vest told him that this female classmate was relatively weak and could not bear the impact. Huang Rong looked at Guo Jing warily, because he looked too carefully. Guo Jing suddenly realized his mistake, his dark face turned slightly red, and he hurriedly withdrew his eyes. He parked his 28 old car in front of the shop and said, "Classmate, if you want to buy something, I'll help you buy it." Huang Rong handed over a large bill of 100 denominations: "Help me buy a T-SHIRT. Thank you, classmate." Seeing Guo Jing's confused expression,Mechanical fine screen, Huang Rong had no choice but to point to her snow-white vest and say, "a short-sleeved shirt." Finally understood the meaning of the other side, Guo Jing was very brave to go in with a group of boys. Only Huang Rong was left alone at the door looking at the old broken car. People coming and going around could not help but look at Huang Rong a few times, a 16-year-old petite girl looking at such an old 28 car, a little funny feeling. Huang Rong felt that the eyes around her were very dazzling, and she was particularly sensitive to this. She complained that the big Mongolian man had left such a broken donkey in her care, making her look like a fool. But when she looked carefully at the luggage in the back of the car, she found the enamel jar tied to the bag belt and the tightly tied old quilt, as well as all the daily necessities that she thought were "old". She suddenly realized that this was all the belongings of the big Mongolian man, and he was so relieved to leave it to his strange self. Huang Rong was suddenly very moved. Silently looking at the old broken car, Huang Rong met a person who brought her trouble for many years. It may not be as troublesome as Guo Jing, but it is also very troublesome. Before turning the corner, Ouyang Ke was still very concerned about the girls behind him, filter nozzle ,rapid sand filters, although it seemed that he was just easily gesturing to tell them some jokes, and did not look them in the eye. After turning the corner, he saw Huang Rong. Ouyang Ke prefers to call himself a person who is lustful but not licentious, but in fact, the 18-year-old Ouyang Ke does not quite understand the difference between white and licentious. This classic sentence was just moved from his uncle Ouyang Feng. Ouyang Feng and Huang Yaoshi look up to each other very much, because both sides feel that the other side is vigorous enough. Ouyang Feng is the richest man in the Baitou Mountain area. Starting from the hard work of raising snakes, Ouyang Feng's snake supplement factory has been built all the way to the south, becoming the largest company in the biopharmaceutical industry in the Song Dynasty. Ouyang Feng is not as good as Huang Yaoshi in that he has no academic qualifications, so after becoming rich, Ouyang Feng likes to collect some antiques to increase his cultural accomplishment, and gradually becomes famous in the study of rare musical instruments such as iron Zheng in the Western Regions. As a result, Bianjing University, in line with the purpose of attracting all sides, brought Ouyang Chairman to the Department of Art. While Ouyang Feng became an honorary professor, he also openly began to recruit doctoral students in the study of the evolution of iron Zheng in the Western Regions. Ouyang Feng is better than Huang Yaoshi in that he is very popular with women. Ouyang Feng is very cool, and knows how to show gentleness appropriately, and knows how to use money to please women. And Huang Yaoshi is cool, very cool, very cool, too cool to touch the edge. Influenced by his uncle, Ouyang Ke was very stylish from an early age. At the age of thirteen, he knew how to wear three kinds of ties and one kind of bow tie, and at the age of sixteen, he began to choose his own evening dress and shirt. He studied at an expensive private high school and was picked up by his uncle's Honda Accord on weekends. He studied courses that ordinary middle school students dared not think of, including etiquette, dance, calligraphy and fitness, but Ouyang Ke's achievements in mathematics, physics and chemistry often made Ouyang Feng scratch his head. Ouyang Ke seldom pursues his female classmates, only his female classmates pursue him. Although it seems absurd and unimaginable, sometimes some mythical great people do exist. Just like a little girl who graduated from the Department of Chemistry when Guo Jing entered school, the average score was as high as 95. That day was the day when Ouyang Ke reported to Bianjing University. Although in principle, entering Bianjing University requires a high score of at least 600 in the college entrance examination, it is obvious to all that someone can enter Bian University with a score of 500, 400 or even worse. Ouyang Ke is just one of them. At this time, there was a girl in front of Ouyang Ke who helped him carry the leather schoolbag he bought from Japan, and two behind him, one holding a reference book and the other carrying a small bag containing gifts. The four men turned the corner with a harmonious smile. Huang Rong stood on tiptoe to see if Guo Jing had helped her buy T-SHIRT. At this time, the fashionable clothes perfectly outlined the curve of her whole body. From the delicate ankles to the bangs in front of the forehead, all the curves on Huang Rong's body combine to create a perfect young girl. Ouyang Ke's chest was a little stuffy, his breathing was a little tight, his eyes were a little straight, and the three girls beside him looked at Ouyang Ke at the same time,fine bubble diffuser, because they all saw Huang Rong and wanted to know Ouyang Ke's reaction. Huang Rong's keen sixth sense worked in time, and she turned her head in the direction of Ouyang Ke. At that time, Ouyang Ke's eyes were on Huang Rong's body for the third time and fell on Huang Rong's thigh under her short skirt. khnwatertreatment.com

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