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With a bang, Xu's mother's hair was blown into a pile of stray hair, not only that, half of Xu's mother's face was covered with blood, half of her face was blackened, the blue sky and the white sun were struck by lightning, this is not retribution! Now no matter wha

With a bang, Xu's mother's hair was blown into a pile of stray hair, not only that, half of Xu's mother's face was covered with blood, half of her face was blackened, the blue sky and the white sun were struck by lightning, this is not retribution! Now no matter what Xu's mother said, people around her spat at her and scolded her for being shameless. Mother Xu herself was petrified, feeling sticky on her face, reaching out to touch all the blood, her whole person was confused, her teeth were trembling, and she shouted for someone to call 120 to send her to the hospital. Everyone had a cell phone in their hands to take pictures of her being struck by lightning, plus the narration, she cried for a long time and no one paid attention to her, so she had to stumble to the outside of the community. Mingge walked all the way to know the situation of the family these two days from the comments of the neighbors. She didn't expect that the Xu family was so thick-skinned. Before she started looking for someone, they came to her. Since the Xu family was so unwilling to be lonely, she would have a good time with them. Seeing Mingge, the neighbors said that Xu's mother had just been struck by lightning. Mingge left his number to these people and asked them to tell her at the first time that her parents were too old to stand the trouble. They went into the building with all kinds of comfort and regret. Back home, Cao's father and mother did not mention a word about the noise of the Xu family, repeatedly asking how Mingge's work was, whether it was going well or not, where he slept overtime these two days, what he ate safely or not. Ming Ge did not mention the Xu family so as not to disturb the atmosphere. She did not sleep at night,Belt Filter Press, but went straight out of the door and went to Xu's house. Xu's mother was still in the hospital because she was struck by lightning during the day, and Xu's father had no one to restrain him, so he recruited people to gamble in the living room. Xu yuan was not at home, but probably went to the home of his confidants. This Mingge is not close to Xu yuan's newly bought villa house, standing far away, she directly rushed her body to Xu yuan's house! The exquisitely carved glass and French windows of Xu yuan's house, as well as the porcelain in the house, all broke into a pile in a burst of tinkling. The people playing cards in full swing found that the floor under their feet was shaking, and the beer bottles on the table,disc air diffuser, whether filled or not, were all smashed into a pile. They thought it was an earthquake. As soon as they looked up and saw that the glass on the window was broken, they all ran out of the door in panic, and some ran directly to the window. Out of the window, I found that the outside of the house was quiet, no one else ran out, and the ground outside was flat and steady, nothing happened at all! Looking around again, several villas and houses around were all in good condition, only the glass of Xu's father's house was broken into a pile. People who do business believe in ghosts and gods, and people who gamble are even more so. These people pray to the gods and worship the Buddha in order to make a lot of money. Xu's father did that kind of thing in those years, and even asked people to do a few rituals at home. Now out of this matter, gambling friends one by one run faster than the ghost, Xu's father is also frightened to stay at home, repeatedly called Xu yuan. Mingge returned home in the evening and went to work as usual the next day. Although Xu yuan at this time is also in contact with those so-called lovers, but also has met his silly white sweet, although not a formal relationship, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,MBR reactor, but there has been a bed thing. Mingge made an appointment with the client to talk in a coffee shop near the company. The client was initially satisfied with the design draft she handed in this time, but there were still many details that Mingge wanted to change. Because the client interviewed Mingge alone, Mingge thought about the coffee shop near the company where colleagues often came. While waiting for the client, the mobile phone rang. Is Xu yuan, this man's mobile phone number changed, called Mingge, low voice sad and melancholy, "Mingge, you, how are you now?" "Who are you?" "It's me, Mingge, I'm your husband, you." "I don't have a husband, but I have an ex-husband. At the beginning, I found an ex-husband who was a beast. Are you the beast?" "Mingge, do you hate me so much in your heart?" "What do you have for me to hate? If the beast bites me, I can't bite back. Sorry, I have to hang up. I have nothing to say to the beast.". ” As soon as Mingge hung up the phone, another call came in. She picked it up. Before she could speak, she heard the voice of the girl at the other end saying, "Hello, Sister Cao. My name is Xiaoyou. I am a friend of Xu yuan. I am more or less clear about what happened between you. I want to say that you may have a misunderstanding about Xu yuan. He is also a victim in your incident!" You Xiaoyou, this time the heroine, you Xiaoyou and Xu yuan should not have reached the step of vows of eternal love, just met a few times can say good words for Xu yuan, for such a good girl who can be considerate of others everywhere, Mingge said she loved it! She interrupted You Xiaoyou, "So, do you mean to let me forgive Xu yuan, remarry him and then return the couple to their home?" You Xiaoyou was choked by Mingge's question. She didn't want Xu yuan and Mingge to get back together. She just liked Mingge not to speak ill of Xu yuan everywhere. This time the plane is not the scum in the novel, but the scum in reality, and there are several related news! Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 727 meets scum. Without waiting for you Xiaoyou to continue, Mingge's voice on the other end of the phone simply said, "If Xu yuan wants to get back together with me, let him drive a car of roses to propose to me. If you want to be a witness, you are welcome to be present." Words fall, Ming Ge hangs up the phone directly. You Xiaoyou on the other end of the phone did not expect Ming Ge to say this, Ming Ge said these words do not seem to be like Xu yuan said, and Xu yuan is determined to break the net, ah, this Ming Ge clearly likes Xu yuan. Hung up the phone, you Xiaoyou's heart for a moment of great regret, she looked at the man beside her with a perturbed face, just opened the phone speakerphone, Xu yuan must have heard clearly, "far brother, she, she, I listen to the meaning of Cao Jie's words, she may not really hate you.." "You silly girl, even if she and I can not go back to the past, between us, not love and hate can end, good,lamella tube, don't worry, make a phone call, see how you frown!" 。 khnwatertreatment.com

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