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"So this Wang Luo is really poisoned!" Jiang Xian's voice was still cold, his eyes fell on one side of Wang Luo's body, and his eyes burst out enough to kill people.

"So this Wang Luo is really poisoned!" Jiang Xian's voice was still cold, his eyes fell on one side of Wang Luo's body, and his eyes burst out enough to kill people. Yes, I did it, I put all the arsenic on your barbecue, boy, against Zhou Shao, you are simply impatient to live! Wang Luo took a step forward and looked at Jiang Xian with a smile. You are really crazy, Zhou Yiyang. Why does the hatred between you and me involve ordinary people? They are all innocent. Can you kill them because of your own selfish desires? Jiang Xian stood up and looked at the harsh questioning. That's right Zhou Yiyang looked at Jiang Xian with a resentful face: "Jiang Xian, aren't you the top student in the college entrance examination?"? Can't you take Jiang Yanyan away? You humiliate me again and again, hey, I tell you, no one can be arrogant in front of me, all the arrogant people in front of me will not die well, you are the same! As he spoke, Zhou Yiyang slowly took out a silver pistol from his bosom and aimed it at Jiang Xian, with a proud smile on his face: "Jiang Xian, I know that when you were injured last time, my father gave you 100,000 yuan. Today, I'm not here for anything else. You'd better take out the 100,000 yuan obediently. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude!" A group of followers looked at Jiang Xian with a sneer. An indifferent smile appeared on Jiang Xian's face: "Zhou Yiyang!"! Zhou Yiyang, this is a burglary,plastic packing tube, and the charges are not small! As he spoke, Jiang Xian put his right hand into his pocket at will. What? Zhou Yiyang couldn't help being slightly stupefied. It was really unexpected that Jiang Xian would react like this. Calm, too calm, as if he didn't look at himself at all. As soon as he changed his mind, Zhou Yiyang could not help opening his mouth in a harsh voice: "Why do you suspect that this is a fake gun?"! I'll show you if it's a real gun or a fake gun! Boom! As he spoke, Zhou Yiyang pulled the trigger fiercely, but he dared not really shoot at Jiang Xian's head. After all, if he really killed someone, he was afraid that he would be finished. However,tube lip gloss, it was his first shot after all. He was only shooting at the other side, but when he shot, his hand shook unnaturally and went straight to Jiang Xian's head. Jiang Xian originally did not think that Zhou Yiyang would really shoot himself, but when Zhou Yiyang's gun was aimed at him, Jiang Xian still smelled the crisis of death, and at the moment of shooting, his body almost instinctively hid to one side, Rao was so, the bullet still brushed Jiang Xian's cheek, the hot air flow. Immediately let Jiang Xian feel the tongue of death as if he licked his cheek gently. Blood ran down his cheeks. Bang, the flowerpot behind Jiang Xian was blown apart, like a tomato that had been trampled. The strong impact force immediately made Zhou Yiyang retreat again and again, and his wrist was sore and numb. This was the first time he fired a gun, and it was a desert eagle with extremely terrible recoil. After a shot, Yang Hukou had a huge shock on Monday, and he felt that his wrist was going to be broken. Zhou Yiyang was in a daze, but Jiang Xian moved quickly. With a shake of his right hand and a brush, plastic cosmetic tubes ,plastic packaging tube, Zhou Yiyang immediately screamed. With a shake of his right hand, the Desert Eagle came out. Jiang Xian dared not neglect it. He rushed forward and raised his right foot like lightning, fast and ruthless. Pow! A crisp sound, immediately, Zhou Yiyang's wrist is broken, Jiang Xian is already angry, rookie killed people, Zhou Yiyang this bastard, almost killed himself, thanks to his early preparedness, otherwise today his life is really gone. Watching the desert eagle fell to the ground, Jiang Xian quickly grabbed up, this thing or put on their own body is safer, a few followers still stay, Jiang Xian has been lightning to beat Zhou Yiyang down, the figure turned, has rushed toward them. Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! A series of fists the sound of meat, blink of an eye, the whole room is a groan of pain, Jiang Xian this just touched his cheek, tentacles is a piece of blood red, Jiang Xian can not help but mercilessly gasped, today his life almost explained here. Calm down, calm down! Jiang Xian kept taking deep breaths, trying to calm down his mood, playing with the desert eagle, Jiang Xian had a brilliant smile on his face: "Monday Yang, Monday Yang, your courage is really big enough!"! It almost killed me! "Jiang Xian, don't be complacent!" Zhou Yiyang struggled to look at Jiang Xian: "Your parents will stay in prison for the rest of their lives and never come out!" Jiang Xian shook his head slightly and looked at Zhou Yiyang's slow opening: "I'm really sorry, Zhou Yiyang, have you ever heard of a sentence?"? It's called not afraid to meet a god-like opponent, but afraid to meet the same teammate. Really, you are one! Volume 1 Chapter 89 Turnover (3/4) J Bow to thank Wuheng for rewarding 100, cigarette ash for rewarding 1888 "What do you mean?" Zhou Yiyang looked at Jiang Xian angrily, and his voice was a little hoarse. It was not anger, but pain. The pain of breaking his wrist stimulated his nerves all the time. Jiang Xian did not answer Zhou Yiyang's question. He just took out a cell phone and dialed Xia Zhenguo's phone number. He calmly opened his mouth and said, "Hello, Uncle Xia. It's like this. There was an armed robbery in our house. Do you think we should find someone to come over?" "Well, it's my house, and now I've subdued them all!" Later, Jiang Xian hung up the phone. Zhou Yiyang looked at Jiang Xian and said coldly, "Jiang Xian, do you really think that a phone call can fix me?"! Tell you, my uncle is the deputy director of the public security Bureau, there is no key evidence, I have ten thousand reasons, can be acquitted, more than a month of detention, you wait, wait for me to come out, you must play to death! Boom! Without saying a word, Jiang Xian directly kicked Zhou Yiyang in the face. Immediately,aluminium laminated tube, Zhou Yiyang only felt stars in his eyes. When he came to his senses, a big foot had already stepped on his cheek. Then Zhou Yiyang's pupils contracted violently, only to see Jiang Xian holding the Desert Eagle and aiming at his head.


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