Evil Emperor's Favor

Evil Emperor's Favor: Imperial Concubine, don't Run Away

The lonely dream shrank back the neck, now she is not hiding the man, also can let the person dislike, she is not innocent long ago. However, she really did not want to let Szeto Jue go like this, really really did not want to! On second thought, if she is not willing to let go, then, if one day is found by Dugu shallow, she will certainly make an issue of this. In this way, it will not only affect her father, but also make her notorious. The most important thing was that she knew in her heart that no matter how long she had been imprisoned by Szeto Jue, he would not touch her. After thinking about it, Dugu Meng finally compromised and reluctantly took Dugu Shaojun to his room. Under Dugu Shaojun's surprised eyes, he opened the door of the secret room. I thought Dugu Shaojun would ask her this question, but he just took a deep look and went into the secret room first. Dugu Meng knew that if he didn't ask now, it didn't mean that he wouldn't ask later. He followed him in nervously, and when he reached the end of the stairs, he opened the Chamber of Secrets again. He's right here. However,stainless steel tile edge trim, when all the walls of the secret room were opened, it was empty. Where are the people? Dugu Shaojun felt that he had reached the limit of his patience. He resisted the impulse to fan her and asked, pointing to the empty chamber of secrets. "Dugu Meng was also very surprised. She ran quickly into the Chamber of Secrets and found that Szeto Jue was really not in the Chamber of Secrets." Impossible! Dugu Meng ran around like a headless chicken. "I just came to see him last night. He's here. Besides, this secret room can only be opened outside. He can't escape." At this time, Dugu Shaojun could not bear it any more. He slapped Dugu Meng and shouted, "Idiot!"! In this case, it's all gone,china tile trim, so someone must have come to save him. "Impossible, absolutely impossible. Only Dad and I know about this secret room. No one else can find it.". He must be hiding. Her words were not focused because of anxiety, but Dugu Shaojun still caught the information he wanted: his father knew the existence of the Chamber of Secrets! But why only the two of them know? Dugu Shaojun knew that he could not ask anything even if he asked now. He took a deep breath and tried to lower his voice. "Good sister, think again, is there anyone who can get close to your room and discover the secret?" Hearing this, Dugu Meng immediately shook her head. Even when the maid came in, she would watch it in person. How could anyone else know? "Listen, don't worry about it. If that man shows up and accuses you, you must deny it. Do you understand?" Dugu Meng nodded heavily, but his mind flew to Szeto Jue. He was seriously injured and refused to let her treat him. If he really ran out, would he die on the road? At this moment, she suddenly hoped that Dugu Shallow could find Szeto Jue. When Dugu Shaojun saw Dugu Meng in a daze, he lifted his feet and went out. When he reached the door, he suddenly turned around. "By the way, metal trim manufacturers ,tile profile factory, what's the man's name?" " . . . . . . Stu ...... Jue ” When Dugu Shaojun heard the name, he didn't want to talk to her any more, and he gave her a self-seeking look and turned away without hesitation. It's over! Dugu Meng sat straight on the ground, and she was really finished. Her eldest brother was never willing to be fierce with her, but today he not only was fierce with her, but also hit her, especially his last glance, which made her feel isolated. What to do? Yes, and him! Thinking of his lonely dream, he got up quickly and ran quickly to the small room in the back. Pushing the door open, Dugu Meng did not see the man on the bed as usual, and she panicked again. yuan Rui, yuan Rui ~ yuan Rui, come out ~ In the small room, you can see the decoration in the room at a glance, and she shouted a few more times because she couldn't believe that yuan Rui would not be here at this time. All that answered her was the silence of a room. He, too, is gone. - In another courtyard of Dugu's house, it was a different scene. Duguyue looked nervously at the man with closed eyes on the bed and kept asking the doctor, "How is he?"? Can it be saved? Moments later, the doctor withdrew his hand and wrote a string of medicine names on the paper. "Don't worry, young lady. He just suffered some internal injuries. As long as he takes good care of himself, he can get out of bed after a period of rest." Duguyue breathed a sigh of relief for no reason. "That's good. I'm sorry to bother the doctor." "It's no trouble. The young lady is also a man of temperament. She treats her bodyguard so well. Who can marry you? That's a great blessing." Hearing this, Duguyue's face turned red unconsciously. Chapter 203 where did the wife come from? Her appearance is different from that of Dugu Meng. She belongs to the kind of small Jasper. Her appearance is not amazing, but it is also durable. Doctor, this matter concerns my boudoir reputation, but also ask the doctor not to extend. Then she stuffed a piece of broken silver into the doctor's hand. Took the broken silver, the doctor repeatedly nodded to understand, repeatedly promised not to announce this matter out, Duguyue just put down the heart. She glanced at Szeto Jue, who had not yet woken up, and followed the doctor to fill the prescription. As soon as the door closed, Szeto Jue, who was supposed to be asleep, opened his eyes and looked at the quilt on his body in disgust, but did not open it after all. Shallow, wait for me ~ At night, a dark shadow moved nimbly through the dense woods and finally stopped in front of a hut. Dugu shallowly pulled off the face towel on his face, pushed open the door and went in. In the room, Qin Tian was already sitting at the table waiting for her. There you are. Dugu glanced at him shallowly. He was much better now than the day she was rescued. At least he cleaned himself up. Say, what are the specific industries of Qin Ruoheng? "Don't worry, little girl. Qin Ruoheng can't beat you. Why don't you listen to me about my son?" Dugu's shallow dark eyes cooled down in an instant. "Say or don't say?" She came here entirely because the last time she had no time to listen to Qin Tian about Qin Ruoheng, and this time she only intended to listen to things and leave. She had wasted a lot of time during this period,stainless steel edge trim, so that she could not hear Szeto Jue's voice at any time. Within a radius of five hundred Li, which happened to be within the range of her inn as the center, Szeto Jue would certainly speak if she were alive. jecatrims.com


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