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My cooperation? Ling Yan froze.. ..... ..... In fact, the location of the water God is not far from Lingxi Baihui, but it is too low.

In the following years, Ziyi has been waiting here, the beautiful shadow standing in the clouds, like Wangfu stone, towards the distance, motionless, if not see the lovesick person, the heart will not die.. "Ye Qing, I know you will come back!" Ling Yan looked at the still standing on the cloud, looking into the distance, looking calm purple clothes, muttering to himself. Subsequently, Ling Yan turned directly and stepped into the distance. ..... ..... What did you say? Say it again Ling Yan eyebrows a pick, directly grasping the eyes of this one looks thin, strength is only the level of the earth fairy Lingxi hundred venue staff asked urgently. Mrs. Yunhua is not at the meeting. This guest, please come again next time. The staff member shouted with a bitter face, although he did not know the identity of Ling Yan, but he had seen Ling Yan several times, the last time was led in by Miss Xi'er, must have a lot to do with Mrs. Yunhua. So the staff member did not call for a guard. Do you know where Madame has gone? Ling Yan asked again. This This .. Guest ... How can the little one know? !” I'm afraid even if you know, you can't talk nonsense. It's a big taboo to tell the whereabouts of the superior at will, no matter where you are. President Ling, you don't have to embarrass him. Let me tell you! At this time, a woman dressed in blue clothes, leisurely toward this side, people have not arrived, the fragrance has been blowing. Ling Yan loosened his hand and turned around, only to see Qingluan, the vice president of Lingxi Baihui,stainless steel welded pipe, coming towards him. President Qingluan, don't come here! Ling Yan made a salute. President Ling, don't be so polite. If you let your wife know, I'm afraid I won't have any good fruit to eat! Qingluan smiled softly and then said to the man beside her, "You have nothing to do here. Go down first." "Yes, President Qing!" The man bent down hurriedly and then left quickly as if he were running away. It seems that he was really frightened by Ling Yan. Where is Mrs. Yunhua? Ling Yan asked urgently. Do you care about your daughter? Or do you care about your wife? [-3uww] "Qingluan looked at Ling Yan with a slight sly wink." You know all about it? Ling Yan was slightly stupefied and hurriedly said. Yunhua and I have known each other for hundreds of thousands of years. They are as close as sisters. Together, they have laid down the Lingxi Baihui Hall. How can she hide her recent changes from me? Qingluan covered her mouth and smiled softly. Ling Yan was not in the mood to listen to her laugh, only afraid that his battle outside the Demon Temple was introduced into heaven, heaven could not help but speed up the'baptism ', so once he was forced back to reality, then what should poetry do? "All right, I won't tease you!" Qingluan laughed. Only Qingluan dares to tease Ling Yan for fear of Tianwaitian. Mrs. Yunhua has found the place where the water gods are, and they should still be there! Qingluan Road. When Ling Yan heard this, his face lit up with joy. "So, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,mirror stainless steel sheet," he said hurriedly, "can Shishi be saved?" The stone in Ling Yan's heart began to fall to the ground slowly, and his whole body relaxed a lot. However, Qingluan's words hung his heart again. No, the water God is not willing to see the lady, she put out the word, such as Ling Yan to come, can not poetry treatment of injuries, because this time, need your cooperation! Qingluan said earnestly. My cooperation? Ling Yan froze.. ..... ..... In fact, the location of the water God is not far from Lingxi Baihui, but it is too low. Tianhu Lake is the place where the water God is located at this time. It is said that the water God has traveled all the year round in all realms of heaven, not often in one place, but this time he did not want to appear in time outside the sky, which is really very lucky. Ling Yan's crazy speed, Qingluan almost can't keep up with it. Ling Yan, slow down! Qingluan but know this sister's lover is what strength, she can not have the speed of Ling Yan, but line half a day's journey, so crazy to fly has let her immortal power some can not take over. This is the slowest speed! Ling Yan replied, now he only hopes to be able to save Ling Shishi as soon as possible, otherwise missed this opportunity, Ling Shishi will have only five years left to live. Qingluan sighed helplessly and could only urge a magic weapon to come out, which barely kept up with Ling Yan. In fact, she has long wanted to urge the magic weapon, but some powerful magic weapon breath is also very powerful, she does not want to cause unnecessary trouble because of the magic weapon breath. Breaking through the heavy clouds, Ling Yan has been flying obliquely downward, gradually, the air slowly emerged a clear moisture. Ling Yan looked happy, killing God boots directly urged, the next second, Ling Yan has appeared on the surface of Tianhu Lake. This boy's magic weapon is really enviable! Qingluan was slightly stupefied, and she had the honor to appreciate the breath of the chaos artifact once, but this was the only time on her way to life. Although it was only once, it made her unforgettable. The influence brought by a chaos artifact is enough to make many strong people in the world jealous. But fortunately, this thing belongs to our own people. Qingluan followed Ling Yan and fell into Tianhu Lake. Two people fell into the sky lake, not ready to find a clear position, but saw a comely woman, is floating toward this side. The two seniors are finally here! Lord Water God has been waiting for you two for a long time! The comely woman smiled at Ling Yan and Qing Luan. Oh! I won't go in. There are still a lot of things I need to deal with. I came here just to bring Ling Yan here and let Ling Yan go in. Qingluan exhaled and laughed. Ha ha, Lord Shuishen said that if President Qingluan wants to leave, there is no need to obstruct him! Said the comely woman with a light smile. The giant is indeed a giant! Qingluan sighed with emotion and then said, "Thank you, Lord Water God, for me. Qingluan won't stay any longer. Goodbye!" When the words fell, Qingluan turned around and controlled her magic weapon, which looked like a fan,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and flew towards the lake. Chapter 1346 who? As the comely woman goes to the expert, Ling Yan's heart has always been uneasy. The water God seems to have predicted everything, is it difficult for her to practice the law of time.


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