The world of roses

Under the protection of Lord Xiaowu's arrogant dragon spirit, the Southern Expeditionary Army's trip to the forest behind became very easy.

Under the protection of Lord Xiaowu's arrogant dragon spirit, the Southern Expeditionary Army's trip to the forest behind became very easy. Wherever the troops went, animals of all sizes avoided one after another. Some even hid in the depths of the forest and did not dare to emerge, because they were afraid that they would become barbecues on the table of Lord Dragon. In a short span of three days, many brothers and sisters have become the dragon dung that nourishes the forest. A lesson from the past can not be avoided. As the Southern Expeditionary Army approached the city of Medu at full speed, the Tang army also rushed forward desperately, fighting to the death with the Long Wind Corps and other troops who came to help. Griffin messengers responsible for delivering battle reports reported that every day they could see mountains of soldiers'corpses dumped on the roadside and in the wilderness, and the intense smell of corpses could be smelled tens of kilometers away, and the people fled. After hearing the news, it reminded Rose of the solemn and stirring horse leather corpse that Luo Jie had told her when she was a child. Her first reaction was to write to Clay and ask someone to bury these heroic soldiers. Whether they were regular soldiers or Tang soldiers, they were all subjects of Ming Yu and should not be treated like this. And the weather is getting hotter and hotter, so many corpses do not deal with, it is very easy to cause plague, then not only the combat effectiveness of the army will decline, the people will suffer, Ming Yu is finished. Clay was obedient to her, and when the conquistadors came out of the primeval forest, the messenger reported that mercenary soldiers had taken over the task of disposing of unclaimed corpses,spill plastic pallet, either buried or burned, in short, trying not to let them rot and stink on the ground. This move has been approved by all people, including Tang Jun. Life is worthy of respect, even if it is sacrificed for its owner, it should also be properly placed. The relieved Rose put all her thoughts on the war in front of her. Meidu was in front of her, and success or failure depended on it. Meidu is the largest city in Donald's territory,stackable plastic pallets, located in the lower right corner of Mingyu Empire. It is 50 kilometers away from Meidu Primeval Forest and Wangling Coast. The Southern Expeditionary Army, which came out of the forest like weeds growing crazily from too much water in the vegetable field, appeared outside Meidu overnight and surrounded this small southern city. The corners of the fields were crowded with people, and the bright light of the sun refracting on the sword pierced the eyes of the soldiers on the city. Donald's 12-year-old eldest son, Filo, rushed to the wall to inspect, and his face turned pale in an instant. "What's going on?"? Where did they come from? "Your Highness, our soldiers found this army at dawn." The steward of the ducal court was a middle-aged man with a sharp mouth and a crafty face. He walked gingerly behind his little master. "So far they have done nothing further, but according to the officers of the Military Aircraft Department, this is the Southern Expeditionary Army of the Empire.". Do you see the biggest flag? It's a rose. Powell's flag 。” "I know her," cried Ferro, with a gleam of excitement in his clear eyes! She was a student at the Imperial Magic Academy, and I saved all the news reports about her before Dad picked me up from the Academy. The steward broke out in a cold sweat and said, collapsible pallet box ,plastic wheelie bins, "Your Highness, she is the enemy of our Tang army. In the city of Aike, the Southern Expeditionary Army killed countless brothers of the Tang army. We should hate her." Ferro frowned and said, "It's Dad's fault. I don't think it's right for him to oppose the king's uncle."! General Rose, she is the Grand Admiral of the Empire, and it is not her personal will to fight with us, which is not a reason for me to hate her. The steward was so frightened that he covered his little master's mouth and looked around with a guilty conscience. It was estimated that all the Tang soldiers nearby had heard the little master's "heresy" remarks, but they all looked normal and pretended not to hear them. The steward gasped a few times and sighed helplessly, "Well, I've seen it. Let's go back and report to the Duchess." They were about to go down the gate tower when suddenly a female archer came out of the Southern Expeditionary Army. She was petite and exquisite, but the bow in her hand was so big that it was as high as her shoulder. Philo stopped to see what she was going to do. She walked to the bottom of the city gate and stopped just outside the range of the defenders' bows and arrows, drawing the bow, taking the arrow, and shooting, without a pause in the three movements. The sharp arrow with a screech crossed the sky and was nailed to the battlements beside Ferro with a whoosh, more than ten centimeters deep into the stone bricks. The half of the shaft left outside trembled, and a small paper roll tied to the tail of the arrow seemed to be waving to Ferro. The steward had already collapsed on the ground when the arrow came, and the rest of the guards, who were responsible for protecting His Highness, were so shocked that their hair stood on end. Only Ferro calmly stepped forward and took down the scroll of paper and unfolded it. There were only four words in it: surrender the gun and don't kill! Chapter 185 war and surrender. Updated: January 24, 2009 18:56:59 Words in this Chapter: 3192 In the palace of the Duke of Medu, which was no less beautifully decorated than the palace, a beautiful woman in a palace dress sat at the table with a sad face. Ferro and the steward stood behind her, while several men in military uniforms sat at the bottom. None of them spoke, and the atmosphere was very dull. For a long time, the woman looked up and sighed, "Let's all make up our minds quickly. Is it war or surrender?" Madam, didn't Monseil say there would be reinforcements coming? Let's buy some time and quietly send someone to ask for help. The woman looked at the older man among the officers and asked, "So you are advocating war?"? In fact, it is not difficult to ask for reinforcements from Monsai. I have a special communication channel to inform them, but it will take a few days until the reinforcements arrive. In fact, they should be arriving soon. The officers of the Military Department did not notice the unusual part of the Duchess's words, but Ferro and the steward, who were standing behind her, frowned. After the officers had retired to prepare for the battle, the woman said a few words of consolation to Philo, glanced at the steward, and went straight back to her room. The steward turned his eyes and said, "Go to the kitchen and look at the menu." He also left the hall, walked around the yard a few times, saw that no one was paying attention,plastic pallet box, and immediately slipped into the Duke and his wife's bedroom. The door was ajar. He looked around to see that no one was there. He went in quickly and closed the door, but he didn't see Philo appear in the corner. "Dog slave!" He spat fiercely! Young master let you be proud of two days first, wait for father to come back to give birth to you! 。


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