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The white peach picks up a chopstick face: "What does that have to do with me?"? I'm willing to sit down and talk to you now, but I don't want to wrong an innocent person.

The white peach picks up a chopstick face: "What does that have to do with me?"? I'm willing to sit down and talk to you now, but I don't want to wrong an innocent person. As for the character of this person, it's none of my business. You can live up to your conscience. Zhou Mengyan did not expect to hear these words from the mouth of Bai Tao, a special person, who did not know whether to laugh or cry, but also felt a little happy. Actually, it's already different, isn't it? He still got part of his freedom. In the future, there will be more. It's just, Silver Moon. What on earth is going on with his feelings for Silver Moon? Chapter 48 suicide. Bai Tao just said a few words casually. As she said, all she wanted was the truth. As for the feelings, the police didn't care. So when she ate the noodles and saw that Zhou Mengyan was still in a trance, she was a little puzzled: "Hey, I'll leave if I have nothing to do." "Wait a minute." Zhou Mengyan came to his senses, now is not the time to think about this, "you said, Nie Zhiwen has an ex-girlfriend." "Yes." "Isn't it convenient for you to tell me what happened?" Although Bai Tao was a little strange, she still said, "Nie Zhiwen's ex-girlfriend is Jiang Xue. I went to her home to find her. She looks like a girl who is very good at living. I confirmed with her whether she was with Nie Zhiwen that night on August 6. She said that they had dinner and watched a movie. That's it. What's the doubt?" "It doesn't sound like that," said Zhou Mengyan. "Then why are you always staring at Nie Zhiwen?" White peach is curious, "intuition?" Zhou Mengyan can not say, intuition has a little, do not rest assured also have a little, but to the white peach, only a simple nod. But you haven't even seen him. White peach looked at him suspiciously, "where is the intuition?"? Is he the one who spoke ill of you? Zhou Mengyan is noncommittal: "Perhaps, that Jiang Xue's address is convenient to give me?" The white peach hesitated for a moment, or gave him the address: "I warn you, don't play tricks, or I will detain you, everyone is convenient." "No, don't you want me to be a shield?" Zhou Mengyan said, "I promise I won't do anything and I'll go to see this woman." Why do you see his ex-girlfriend if you have nothing to do? The white peach murmured in her heart, "This is the best way." However, a few hours later, she received a phone call from Zhou Mengyan: "Jiang Xue jumped off the building, things are not quite right." White Peach: WTF! Put the clock back a few hours. After Bai Tao and Zhou Mengyan separated, they went to the anti-drug brigade next door. The captain's surname was Dang. When he heard it, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, he was an uncle with a dirty beard. The white peach has the face of grandfather and uncle, received the cordial greetings of the party captain, after greeting, the party captain came straight to the point: "What's the matter with us?" The white peach grinned and handed over the cigarette. "Let me ask you something. I heard that you caught a little star two days ago." The party captain took the cigarette and put it in his ear. He nodded and said, "There is such a thing." Two days ago, an enthusiastic citizen reported that someone was taking drugs in a certain community. The police broke into the house and found that it was really the case. Moreover, one of the smokers looked familiar. Hearing his name, he was a little star on the 18th line. White peach asks: "I want to inquire about a person that calls David, it is a stylist, the person in half entertainment circle." "Oh, what a coincidence." The party captain pounded the table and threw her a fresh transcript. "See for yourself." The white peach looked at ten lines and quickly read the transcript of the little star. He claimed that he had tried it by chance in order to find creative inspiration. He had always been a law-abiding good citizen and so on. Apart from these excuses, the most important thing is that he confessed that the first time he came into contact with "that kind of thing" was at a party in David. "It was my friend who took me there. I didn't know in advance. I thought it was just a very ordinary party. Officer, you know, if you don't seize the opportunity to meet some friends like me, you won't have a chance at all." That party, at first, it was quite normal. Everyone drank and joked. Later, when they drank too much, they let go a little. Someone asked me if I wanted to taste something good. I didn't think so much at that time. I thought he was going to be with me. No, I'm not the same. But there's no way. If you want to get along, you have to abandon something. It's nothing to sell a PY. So I agreed in a muddle. I took a puff. At that time, I felt very sick and wanted to vomit. Later, I didn't know what was going on. "Your circle is really chaotic." The white peach looked at it and said, "speaking, what is he smoking?" The party captain made himself a cup of medlar tea: "What else could it be?"? Heroin. "Have you ever heard of spring?" Asked Bai Tao. Why do you ask? Have a case? "Gao Yinyue." Seeing that the other party had not yet understood, Bai Tao explained again, "Gao Su'e." Or this name is more popular, the party captain immediately understood: "This ah, Sibuling, right? This thing is not as effective as heroin and methamphetamine. It is a child's play for those who are addicted, so there are fewer addicts and more ordinary people who use this." "What kind of people are they?" Asked the white peach. "Those who have physical problems, those who are old and unwilling, and those who are young and fresh." The party captain casually counted a lot, "a lot." "That is to say, David is likely to be able to get this thing," said White Peach. "Nine times out of ten." Bai Tao's eyes lit up. "When will you catch him?"? If you don't catch me, I'll catch you first. "Wait." Party captain hurriedly called her, "We have been staring at them for some time. Don't frighten the snake first. I'll find you tomorrow at the latest." Of course, the white peach promised. At the same time, Zhou Mengyan found Jiang Xue. Coincidentally, as soon as he entered the community,plastic pallet crates, he saw some people around a building downstairs. As soon as he looked at the heads on the roof and the building number, he had a sense of foreboding in an instant. Just as he was about to rush into the building to persuade people to come down, the crowd let out an exclamation of surprise. He looked up and saw a figure falling from the roof and falling to the concrete floor with an ordinary sound. Blood and brains burst out all over the floor. 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