I have double sprouts again.

Lu Rong felt that when he met Gou Gou's parents, it was necessary to mention their children's education to them. Lu Rong: "I won't die." Gou Gou's eyes lit up: "Really?"?

Lu Rong felt that when he met Gou Gou's parents, it was necessary to mention their children's education to them. Lu Rong: "I won't die." Gou Gou's eyes lit up: "Really?"? That's great! Lu Rong:.. Bring him in first. Lu Rong let Gou Gou put Bai Xiao into the treatment cabin, and then tested the data of Bai Xiao, and found that Bai Xiao was very dizzy. Lu Rong thought about it, then closed the cabin door and said to Gou Gou, "OK, let him lie down in the treatment cabin for a while. You go back first." "Mmm." Gou Gou nodded and went away. But the two balls that followed them jumped to the front of the treatment cabin one after the other. The chicken was very dissatisfied with the height of the "mother-child separation", so it jumped directly onto the transparent hatch of the treatment cabin, landing without a sound, like a light cotton ball. Ball beans slowly followed the squat past, closing the flight ring, saving energy. Lu Rong took a look at them and did not mean to drive them away. Lu Rong is a brigadier general of the First Legion and a magician. If he is subdivided, he can also be called a magician. There were no human doctors on the trip, and the students were provided with automated medical equipment and some finished medicines. Lu Rong is here to check these. In the middle of Lu Rong's work, the treatment cabin where Bai Xiao was lying suddenly beeped. Beep-beep- "" A slightly longer pause is a hint of anomaly detection, and the value is within the controllable range. Lu Rong is a little strange,plastic pallet suppliers, what is unusual about this human? Then Lu Rong went over and looked at it and was dumbfounded. Nucleomethylation? Lu Rong looked at the data on the display screen of the treatment cabin and confirmed it three times before he was sure he was right. Nuclear armor is the unique organ of the Kester people with exposed magic core, which is known as the hardest armor. This is a special organ, and only the Kester will grow in the entire universe. So, what's going on with this nuclear armour reaction? Lu Rong was suspicious and tapped the keyboard on the treatment cabin to narrow the scope of the nuclear armour reaction. A few seconds later, the aperture in the display screen locked on the top of Bai Xiao's head. It's like putting an angel halo on him. Then, a bull's-eye appeared in the halo,plastic pallet bins, clearly indicating the position and shape of the nuclear armor. It is not an inherent embracing nuclear armor, but a complete piece, without any gaps and opening and closing positions. That's strange. Lu Rong dares to swear, even in the whole Kester, this is the only one. Curious, want to cut. However, you will be killed by Zang Feng if you cut it. Lu Rong pressed down his impulsive hands and finally decided to conduct a physical test only on the suspected nuclear armor on Bai Xiao's head. Whew. A mechanical arm stretched out from the treatment cabin and stopped at the top of Bai Xiao's head. Then, with a "sniff", a finger-long metal probe extended from the robotic arm. The tip of the needle is very thin, the tip refracts the light, and it looks very sharp. Choo! The chicken cub squatting on Bai Xiao immediately found out that something was wrong, plastic pallet crates ,collapsible pallet box, and the fluff exploded and gave a sharp cry to Lu Rong. The ball bean also felt wrong, and the two robotic arms retracted into the flying ring, and then extended two extremely thin laser guns from the position of the robotic arms. And this equipment? Lu Rong raised his eyebrows, but did not think so. Lu Rong raised his hand, turned the metal ring on his index finger with his right thumb, and then pointed his index finger at the position of the chicken and the ball bean in the void. A golden magic array gushed out of Lu Rong's fingertips and instantly expanded into a perfect circle, hovering opposite the chicken and the ball beans. The magic array turns slowly, and the time of the chicken and the ball bean is stopped, as if it were cut into another space. Lu Rong withdrew his hand and continued the action just now. The probe of the mechanical arm was aimed at the "bull's eye" above Bai Xiao's head. And poked it in. The probe easily advanced a centimeter, but the sharp tip of the needle pierced Bai Xiao's skin, and the rigid metal softened and folded like foam, leaving no red mark for Bai Xiao. Lu Rong: "…" If I remember correctly, the last owner of the nuclear armor who could turn over the keel steel needle without resistance was their Royal Highness. Lu Rong felt that he needed to calm down. What the hell is going on with this human! Obviously is a human, why can grow the nuclear armor! And the nuclear armor is so hard! I want to cut it open. Lu Rong rubbed his fingers, but ultimately did not put them into action-although he was not beaten by Zang Feng, but saw him beat people, ah, from small to large, Xiong Lie was beaten happily, but Lu Rong had a psychological shadow. Lu Rong's mind emerged Xiong Lie's colorful face, and then succeeded in calming his mood. It's good to be alive. Lu Rong did not do superfluous things to Bai Xiao again, even if he wanted to do it, he had to report to Zang Feng and do it again. So he waited until Bai Xiao woke up. One second before Bai Xiao woke up, Lu Rong lifted the magic array released by the chickens. So as soon as Bai Xiao opened his eyes, he saw the picture of his chickens flapping their wings and pouncing on Lu Rong. Bai Xiao:!!! Bai Xiao's blood ran wildly in an instant, and a layer of cold sweat oozed from his forehead. Bai Xiao hurriedly opened a crack in the door of the treatment cabin, jumped down from inside, and rushed over to hold the chicken in a hurry. Choo! Choo Choo Choo! Mom, he's the bad guy. He poked you with a needle! The chicken struggled and complained to Bai Xiao. For the first time, Bai Xiao found it quite difficult to hold a ball. No, it's an injection. It's a cure. I'm airsick. Commodore Lu is helping me. Yolk, be good, don't make a scene. Bai Xiao said as he tried to lock the chicken. Finally, Bai Xiao had a brainwave, grabbed the two paws of the chicken with one hand, and finally held the chicken steady. The chicken also stopped and seemed to accept Bai Xiao's statement. Only then did Bai Xiao have time to look at Commodore Lu and apologize first: "I'm sorry,plastic pallet manufacturer, Commodore Lu, are you all right?" You should know that the chicken looks soft and cute, but the fighting capacity can directly squeeze the alloy fence. Those claws can scratch the skin off the wall. binpallet.com


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