Sheep, sheep, I love you.

At the beginning of her good intentions, do not want the wind dance purple Yan deep in the emotional quagmire can not extricate themselves, so promised to marry with Shangguan shadow, unexpectedly she not only can not understand their good intentions, but set up a trap to frame themselves.

At the beginning of her good intentions, do not want the wind dance purple Yan deep in the emotional quagmire can not extricate themselves, so promised to marry with Shangguan shadow, unexpectedly she not only can not understand their good intentions, but set up a trap to frame themselves. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. I will ask my colleagues in the technical department to check it tomorrow. Mian Mian thought of this and gave up the idea of clarifying the reply. Anyway, in the absence of evidence, saying more will only make it worse. But when he saw the shadow of Shangguan appearing on the Mochizuki Cliff, the anger in his chest burned again, and there was a tendency to burn more and more. Thousands of mistakes, it's all this man's fault, he doesn't have to do anything, there are a group of women fighting for him, and now she's involved in the innocent, it's really a blue face disaster! "Accept." Shangguan Shadow sends her a transaction request. Mian Mian saw that it was Jiutian Qingling Sword, attack power + 1230, metal attribute + 4, strengthening + 8, very good and powerful. It turned out that he had gone to Tiannan to refine weapons. No wonder he had just asked her for Li Jinshi. Holding the dream of the weapon against the sky, Mian Mian is very spineless to swallow the next saliva, then alert in the heart of their own: no,Steel investment casting, can not be lured by the enemy confused! Hum, hurt her so miserably, do not punish him a little not to release hatred. But how to do it? After waving the Jiutian Qingling Sword a few times at random, she looked at the sword in her hand, her mind turned, and suddenly, a smile touched the corners of her mouth. Mian Mian swept away the suffocation on his face before, and looked at him with a smile. A faint cunning hid in the depths of his eyes: "This weapon looks really good,Magnetic Drain Plug, but I don't know how powerful it is."? It's really curious. Faced with the slight change of her attitude, Shangguan Shadow raised his eyebrows lightly and gazed at her delicate smiling face with interest: "Well, I'll take you to Xianfu to brush the monster later." Mian Mian smiled sweetly at him and said, "It's nerve-racking. I'm a little impatient. I want to know now." He pretended to look east and west. "There are no monsters around here. What a pity!" Clever as he was, he understood at once. His deep eyes stared at her silently, and his cold and beautiful face could not read any emotion, nor a word. Just lips, unconsciously pull up a faint radian. In the moonlight, the word "PK" appeared on the head of the black-clad knight-errant, and the thin lips spit out: "Please." Mian Mian breathed a sigh of relief. It was terrible to be stared at by him for a moment. For a moment, I thought he would suddenly get angry and kill her. Hey, hey, hey. Now that the "little lamb" is willing to fall into her hands, she can torture as much as she wants! No matter how powerful his Shangguan Shadow is, die casting parts ,die cast light housing, isn't he now reduced to her "test sword stone"? Oh, hehehe, it's so cool! Mian Mian turned into a white bird and laughed with her arms akimbo. She finally realized the taste of the "Ren and Du Meridians" as the uncle said. The self-satisfied Mian Mian did not notice that she looked like a real lamb in the eyes of others. A touch of deep cunning flashed through the beautiful eyes of Shangguan's shadow, and he gazed at her quietly, waiting for her to make a move. Thinking of the wind and dancing Ziyan, thinking of the past, he gnashed his teeth with hatred, showed his fierce eyes, and raised his sword without hesitation. 57 Shangguan Shadow stood quietly and was hit by her. But Mian Mian was dumbfounded- "Why is it like this?" Yes, he was hurt to some extent, but why was she attacked! He clearly did not even move a finger, but she hit a strong rebound, causing her to step back a few steps, the amount of blood suddenly less than half. Looking at him in shock, he smiled and said, "I'm sorry, I forgot I was wearing Nebula Armor." So it bounced 20% of her damage. Forget what? He did it on purpose! Mian Mian stared at him fiercely and could hardly believe his impudence. Okay, I'll take it off now. Do you want to do it again? He paused for a moment, his eyes flowing, and added, "Lady?" A slightly frivolous "lady" made Miss Ruan even more ashamed and annoyed, as if laughing at her overreach and childish stubbornness. At that moment, she already understood that she was too young to play tricks with the man in front of her. She replied bitterly, "No, I probably know how powerful it is." She doesn't want to humiliate herself again. Bite the lip, or the heart is unwilling, "you are really generous, this is the top weapon." No wonder there are so many romantic debts. The shadow of Shangguan gazed at her. He was silent for a moment and said, "I won't be stingy to give away what I don't need." Hearing what he said, Mian Mian blurted out without thinking: "Is the ice crystal and snow congealed beast of the wind dancing purple Yan something you don't need?" After the passionate words sounded, a silence spread between the two men. The moonlight in the night sky, like water, sprinkled on the cliff, also sprinkled on the figure of one high and one low. The moonlight was as still as they. As soon as she said it, she regretted it. What did she say? It sounds easy to be misunderstood. Sure enough, his eyes were soft, and his light voice sounded in the wind: "Jealous?" The tone was like appeasing a grumpy kitten. Mian Mian heard a chill and immediately retorted fiercely: "No!"! Don't talk nonsense! She was clearly indignant in questioning whether his crime was good or not, and it had nothing to do with his children's affair. Blame her head all night thinking about the phoenix dance Ziyan things, Mian Mian a little upset. He did not make pester again on this problem, just way: "Later, you go to immortal mansion to wait for me first." She was stunned and asked reflexively, "What about you?" Black swordsman against a silver moon, a trace of the lunar calendar smile congealed in the mouth, for a long time without words. The next day at work, Mian Mian put down her bag and immediately turned around and walked out. The eye sees 6 road, the ear listens to all directions small curl to catch her, the long eyelash that is besmearing mascara keeps blinking: "Where are you going?" Eh? In the face of sudden concern,car radiator cap, Mian Mian was a little surprised, but he answered honestly: "I'm going to find my colleagues in the technical department." Look into that post. Small curl glanced at her computer, eyes or stare boss: "Why don't you move the computer by the way?" 。


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