Immortal inverse

Inside the soul banner, except for a few main souls, all of them were empty. Wang Lin took back the soul banner.

Inside the soul banner, except for a few main souls, all of them were empty. Wang Lin took back the soul banner. If it hadn't been a gift from Dun Tian, he would have felt in his heart that he wanted to integrate this banner into the seal of immortals today. This is my Wang Lin's 18 layers of hell reincarnation! Wang Lin stood up, his eyes flashing with cold light, staring at the seal of immortals in the 18 layers of hell, and shouted in a low voice. His voice came out, and immediately the shrill voice of the eighteen layers of hell became stronger, and immediately enveloped the whole planet. The first can not bear, is the planet's many fierce beasts, one by one immediately irritable to disperse, if not for Wang Lin's control, once completely spread the shrill roar, these fierce beasts, immediately will all collapse. And the friars who were stationed here, pale in their faces, flew out quickly, their minds shaking, and they did not want to stay here for a moment. The big head boy took a deep breath and stared at the eighteen layers of hell in the sky. With his cultivation, he could see the extraordinary treasure at a glance. Reggie's pupils contracted, and he felt a sense of panic from the bottom of his heart in the face of the 18 layers of hell that emitted black light in midair. As soon as Wang Lin patted the storage bag, he immediately had two more light groups in his hands. These were two primordial gods. One of them was the deputy head of the Hall of Internal Grievance of the Corpse Yin Sect. The other was the thing that this person had dedicated to save his life before. After pondering for a moment, he did not put the two primordial spirits into the 18 layers of hell, but put them back into the storage bag. The two primordial spirits were extremely precious primordial spirits in the early stage of peeping nirvana, which was of great benefit to the restoration of cultivation. Wang Lin left them for future consumption. At this moment, he stood up, stared at the sky, pinched a finger with his right hand, and immediately the seal of the eighteen layers of hell shrank in an instant, and was finally swallowed by Wang Lin. Get out of here! Wang Lin looks calm, step by step, the whole person stepped away, Reggie and others immediately stood up, followed by. At this time, in the western part of the alliance star field, all have been occupied by Luotian monks,sonicator homogenizer, a large number of Luotian monks, from the torn channel to the alliance star field, occupied everywhere Xiuzhen star, just like here, as Luotian field! As the west is all occupied, the clouds in the hearts of Luotian Shentong monks are getting thicker and thicker. You should know that there is no seven-level Xiuzhen country in the western part of the alliance. There are only some six-level Xiuzhen stars. This phenomenon is very strange. However, for such a long time, there is no change, slowly, although there are doubts in the bottom of my heart, but in the end, Luo Tian's Great God Tong Friar,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, under the command of the Thunder Immortal Temple, launched another round of attacks, this time the target is the alliance north. A team of Luotian friars, stepping on the sword light, galloping in the starry sky of the western alliance! The place, as if the starry sky is trembling, sending out the whistling sound of distance, like collapse, tens of thousands of flying swords emit the sword gas, it can be said that the wind and clouds change color, the sky is without face. The mighty flying sword line reveals the potential of the collapse of the earth and the sky, and the power of the white rainbow through the sun. Before I knew it, I had the taste of Dou Zhuan Shen Heng Jiang Dan and the opening of heaven and earth like spring. One by one Luotian friar, with a killing machine, from everywhere Xiuzhen star flying, joined the army, constantly moving forward. Yan Leizi at the foot of a group of green fire, a large number of monks gathered around him, he looked gloomy, this period of time, although into the alliance star field, but he has a kind of inexplicable crisis, this crisis is very deep, he pinched under the calculation, but there is a blood filled with light, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, can not see carefully. This time to continue to attack the alliance north, is also a helpless move, after all, has stayed in the west for too long, since has come here, always have to fight and retreat, knowing that the alliance must have a conspiracy, but still have to move forward! "Even if there is a conspiracy again, the old man is not afraid, besides, it is not the Xiuzhen Alliance that has a back hand, I Luo Tian, also for the possible conspiracy of the Xiuzhen Alliance, have made careful preparations!" Yan Leizi's eyes flashed with cold light, revealing the murder. Throughout the western part of the alliance, many Luotian monks stepped on the sword light, galloped with the killing machine, rushed directly out of the west, and came to the northern part of the alliance. As a large number of Luotian friars rushed into the northern part of the alliance, at this time, in the western part of the alliance, a Xiuzhen star occupied by Luotian friars, suddenly, there was a breath of vicissitudes of life, which broke out crazily in an instant, but in an instant, there was a destructive impact from the Xiuzhen star. Above this star, there are hundreds of monks stationed, at the moment one by one in the face of a big change, quickly fly out from this Xiuzhen star, they fly out of the moment, everything they see in their eyes, has become the last eternity in life. This whole Xiuzhen star, suddenly, there was a sharp shock, the shock reached its peak in an instant, only to see this planet, as if in the blink of an eye, through the years of life, it immediately filled with endless dead gas, it is even more incredible, is this planet, actually shrinking! Crazy contraction, as if there is a force in the squeeze, making the planet, constantly compressed, constantly shrinking, just a moment, the original huge Xiuzhen star, actually in the squeeze, only before 10% of the size! At this moment, a breath of destruction came out crazily, and the whole planet, with a bang, collapsed! This collapse immediately formed an unimaginable impact, turned into a storm of destruction, and swept around crazily. The hundreds of monks, simply too late to dodge, were immediately affected by the storm, the body dissipated directly, even the primordial spirit, also under this destructive force, both form and spirit were destroyed! The loud rumbling noise is earth-shaking. The collapse of Xiuzhen Star, with a strong bloody atmosphere, is the extinction of all living things. This kind of behavior can not be done by ordinary monks. Only the ruthless people who are inhuman can destroy a planet in such a way! The loud noise reverberated, and the whole starry sky collapsed at the place where the planet collapsed. With the sweeping and crazy expansion of the storm, a large space crack appeared immediately. These cracks are too many, just a moment, almost connected into a large area! Surrounded by tens of thousands of miles, all Luotian monks, who were affected by the storm, immediately dissipated their bodies in an instant, and the primordial gods were extinct! At this moment, not only this Xiuzhen star, but all of them! All the alliance in the west of Xiuzhen star, all in this moment,ultrasonic handheld welder, crazy collapse, into a storm, diffuse the entire alliance in the west!.


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