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As the ancient saying goes, the complete txt works of "the prime minister of medical sex, please pick up the end of driving + extra chapters"

She admitted that she did not like to cause trouble, but of course, it is not easy to bully, and she admitted that today to find Feng Lingyi is with some attitude to cause trouble, after all, Qingzhi and Feng Lingyi happened between some things, she still knows so much. Yu Qingyao didn't want to spend too much time with Feng Lingyi on the Purple Moon Mark. She raised her eyes slightly and looked at each other lightly. She opened her mouth slowly, "Miss Feng San, I came to you today because I want to talk to you alone. I wonder if Miss Feng San has the time?" Looking at Yu Qingyao to avoid that topic, Feng Lingyi raised his eyebrows slightly, the expression on his face was somewhat unpredictable for a moment, and then smiled faintly, "of course." Then he got up slowly. "Why don't we walk together?" Yu nodded lightly and then got up. She took one look at Sapphire and ordered, "You don't have to follow." "Yes." Sapphire nodded. Feng Lingyi also glanced at the maids behind him. "You're all here. Miss Yu and I are walking in the mansion." Then he left directly side by side with Yu Qingyao. Feng Lingyi knew that Xiaoyu Qingyao wanted to talk about something, and she didn't want anyone else to know about these things, so she went directly to the more remote path in Mengfu. Next to a big bare tree, the two men stopped slowly. The trunk was gray, and although the leaves had fallen, the branches were dense and intricate. Miss Yu might as well speak frankly if she has anything to say! Looking at Yu Qingyao, Feng Lingyi opened his mouth slowly. Yu Qingyao slightly hooked her lips, smiled faintly,uns s32750 sheet, and did not open her mouth directly in a roundabout way. "Miss Feng San should have known the identity between me and Qingchi long ago, right?" The words of inquiry, the tone of affirmation, all indicate that Yu Qingyao has already had a sincere answer in his heart. Feng Lingyi nodded, "yes, I already know." Yu Qingyao is a wise man, in front of her, she has no need to hide. Moreover,x52 line pipe, she wanted to know from Yu Qingyao whether Feng Qingzhi knew about this matter. From the bottom of her heart, she felt that Feng Qingzhi didn't know about this. Not to mention how Feng Qingzhi was treated by Feng Fu, the Yu family in early Chongqing was far from being comparable to the Feng family in terms of family background and ability. The identity of the second Miss of the Yu family was more noble than that of the fifth Miss of the Feng family. As long as she was not stupid, she knew that choosing that one was beneficial to herself. Feng Qingchi is definitely not a fool, on the contrary, she is very smart, even to the point of being almost treacherous, so Feng Qingchi certainly does not know about this matter, and, if so, this is also a bargaining chip for her to pinch the jade. Miss Feng San is well informed! A very shallow sentence, can not hear any emotion. Feng Lingyi raised her eyebrows, and her plain white clothes stirred gently in the breeze. She looked at Yu Qingyao and said lightly, "Actually, you should call me Third Sister." "Third Sister?" Yu Qingyao deliberately lengthened his voice for a few minutes, x60 line pipe ,uns c68700, the gentleness inside did not change, but the expression on his face was somewhat indescribable, and he looked at each other with a rare smile, "Feng Lingyi, in this life, I don't have any sister except Yu Qingchen!" With a smile, his eyes became more sarcastic. "Besides, do you think you can be my sister?" Over the years, Feng Lingyi did not know how Qingzhi came over in Fengfu, but she always chose to ignore it, and when she returned to Fengfu, she pretended that she knew nothing about it. In her view, this kind of wind Ling Yi, is not as good as the wind and cloud according to the more aboveboard. Listening to Yu Qingyao's words, Feng Lingyi's face changed slightly and became cold. "Yu Qingyao, what do you mean by that?" "Feng Lingyi, although you have been in the imperial capital these years, you dare to say that you don't know all the circumstances between the Qing Dynasty and Feng Fu?"? Do you dare to say that you didn't hear that Fengyun Yimingli secretly bullied Qingzhi? Do you dare to say that you didn't know that your mother deliberately spoiled Fengyun Yimingzhi's character? Yu Qingyao's eyes, which are as gentle as water, do not have any narrow meaning, only a piece of indifference and light mockery. It is impossible for Feng Lingyi not to know so many things. Feng Lingyi narrowed his eyes and removed all the camouflage on his face. His eyebrows and eyes only changed slightly. They were different from the gentleness just now. Some were fierce and some were indifferent. "It seems that I looked down on you and saw these things so clearly.". ” After a pause, he continued to speak, with a slight indifference between his leisurely voice. "Yes, I know everything, but so what? They are just concubines. It's good that my mother is willing to raise them. As for how they grow up, or what kind of temperament they grow up, that's not what my mother and I already care about!" Besides, there are three young ladies in Fengfu, and only when they have a bad reputation can they set off their own young lady even more, don't they? Yu Qingyao rarely gets angry or is completely cold-faced, but now, Yu Qingyao's face seems to be slightly congealed with a layer of frost, "Feng Lingyi, even if they and you are not a mother, but also your blood sister, how can you treat them like this!" Yu Qingyao is very angry in the heart, so Qingzhi has been like this for so many years?! Every time she thought of sending someone to Anyang City to inquire about the news, she owed a little more to Qingchi and felt a little more guilty. All this was what she should have borne. However, she took away the favor that Qingchi should have received and grew up in the palm of the jade family. Feng Lingyi half narrowed his eyes again and looked at Yu Qingyao with a half-smile. "So you're fighting for Feng Qingzhi?" Before Yu Qingyao could speak, Feng Lingyi said again, "But, Yu Qingyao, don't forget that everything Feng Qingyi has suffered in the Feng family is for you. The person who is least qualified to say that she is fighting for her is you, Yu Qingyao!" The last three words, Yu Qingyao, were extremely ironic to her. Seeing that Yu Qingyao's face stagnated, Feng Lingyi smiled in a low voice and spoke slowly, "Besides,316l stainless steel pipe, don't you think you should thank my mother well?"? If it wasn't for what she did in those years, how could you be the second lady of the jade family? How could he have an engagement with His Majesty the Purple Emperor? In the last sentence, there is a kind of gnashing of teeth.


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