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Lin Ci sighed in the bottom of his heart, is the influence of Tang poetry on the thin night so great?

Lin Ci sighed in the bottom of his heart, is the influence of Tang poetry on the thin night so great? Big to thin night now seems to be in hell, casual glance, with despair and cold, people dare not look directly into his eyes. In that case. Why did you hurt so deeply at the beginning. Later, when Bo Ye went out, Lin Ci followed him. After giving the key to the driver, he also rushed back to spend the New Year's Eve. As a result, he ran into Sophie who came up. Alas! Wait.. When Sophie saw Lin Ci, she knew that this man was Bo Ye's special assistant. She grabbed him. "Where is Bo Ye?" "Miss Su." Lin Ci also recognized the person in front of him, at least the daughter of the Su family, he did not dare to say too directly, "please let go, Bo Shao will go back to eat small New Year's Eve dinner." "Where did Bo Ye send my brother?" Sophie did not ask clearly and refused to give up. "Today my family also had a small New Year's Eve dinner. My brother was absent. What happened?"? He said before that it seemed to be a thin night to ask him to do something. He said he would come back before dinner. Why didn't he come back? Lin Ci also froze, Bo Shao asked Su Qi to go out to do something? What is so mysterious that you have to borrow Su Qi's hand to do it? Lin Ci couldn't figure it out, but he couldn't figure it out. Sophie obviously didn't believe it. "You're the right-hand man of the thin night. What mysterious thing is your master going to do? Don't you know?!" Listening to her use of such words as master, she felt as if she had been humiliated. Lin Ci frowned, "Please pay attention to your own quality. Bo Shao also has his personal privacy. I have no right to interfere." "I don't care!" Sophie grabbed Lin Ci by the collar. "You must tell me where my brother is!" Lin Cixin said, "How the *** do I know that even a good temper will be forced to fire by this vexatious woman!"! Just at this time Bo Ye forgot to take the document back to get, see Sophie holding Lin Ci refused to let go, two people entangled, Bo Ye froze, "Lin Ci?" He called out to his assistant. Lin Ci swore that this was the first time he had seen Bo Ye come back. He felt grateful. It's good for you to come back. Otherwise, where would he go to argue! Lin Ci pushed Sophie forward. "Bo Shao," said Miss Su. He said he couldn't find his brother, so he came to see you. She also said that you had asked her brother to do something before. Thin night heard Lin Ci's description, looked up to see Sophie, "Su Qi did not go home?" Sophie saw the thin night, the man she used to like very much, always felt completely different from the original. Now thin night's eyes, she can not understand, also dare not to understand. Sophie thought about it and said, "My brother told me he would be back before dinner.". Grandpa and grandma are here today. It's rare for the family to get together. They're waiting for my brother. He said he was going to help you, so I wanted to come to you. Recently, there are so many things happening in the thin night, and she is still a little embarrassed to find the thin night. After listening to Sophie's words, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Slate Wall Panel, Bo Ye frowned slightly, "I asked Su Qi to send some New Year's gifts to Tang Shi, is he finished?" Didn't go home? I knew this grandson was so kind to help him give gifts on his own initiative! Take this idea to stay at someone else's house for dinner! Bo Ye's face changed. "I'll call him later and let him go back. Don't worry." Only then did Sophie answer, and then Bo Ye wanted to go. Sophie called him, "Bo Ye, you.." She was no longer the same as before, imitating the women to call him Brother Night. In fact, the thin night is not happy to be called so. Sophie's voice was a little hesitant. "Did you encounter anything after you disclosed the truth before?" That's the question. Bo Ye rolled his eyes and looked back at her. "No." In fact, he was ready to be attacked by public opinion, drowned by spittle, the company's stock fell, and his personal image was lost. But he was ready for everything, but what he received was the indifference of Tang poetry. This is the most frustrating thing for him. Sophie watched the thin night go, this time did not call him to stop, then thin night back on the way to Su Qi made a phone call, the opposite side connected, thin night on the low way, "you go to eat and drink?" His original intention was just to send something, but Su Qi used this reason to shamelessly eat a small New Year's Eve meal with Tang Shi! Su Qi smiled and burped, "did my sister come to you?"? Tell her not to worry, I'll be back as soon as I can. Thin night was so angry that he grinded his teeth. Su Qi laughed happily, "My brother just finished the New Year's Eve dinner with Tang Shi!"! You are so miserable! 23 Chapter 381 isolated from the world, he wants to see her. When Su Qi's words reached the ears of the thin night, there was a provocation. The man frowned slightly, a little impatient. "What do you want to express?" Su Qi smiled bitterly at the other end of the phone. "I don't want to express anything. I just want to talk about having dinner with Tang Shi tonight.". It's still a very important little New Year's Eve. The eyebrows of the thin night jumped invisibly, and there was a faint sign of an outbreak in his expression. Su Qi could not see the expression of the thin night at the other end. He was still showing off and laughing very happily. He said, "Do you envy me very much?" Bo Ye couldn't bear to use foul language. "I envy you!"! Go back to Su's house quickly, your sister has come to my company to find you! Su Qi was startled by the roar of the thin night. He came to his senses and said angrily, "Why are you so fierce?"! Brother, I also helped you give gifts to others! You have nothing to do with our rival in love, pull black! Immature Thin night grinded his teeth, passed by the conference room and took a document to continue to walk back, Sophie was still wondering what Su Qi was going to do, the result of thin night like a gust of wind and went back to the elevator, that expression like to kill people. Sophie patted her chest. "It's scary. What kind of temper is it all of a sudden?" Lin Ci sent Bo Ye downstairs, Bo Ye sat in the car to go back, Lin Ci finally felt at ease, he took a taxi back to his home, Bo Ye sat in the co-driver, the driver on the side was driving,grey marble slab, just as the car radio put on the latest news. It's still about the press conference held by Bo Ye. Driver: I'm going to die. I tuned such an embarrassing radio station. The big boss won't kill me, will he? By the look on his face, it's possible..


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