How do I level up Jewelry Crafting? - Elder Scrolls Online Tips, Ways for You

To start, you’ll need to speak to Felarian, who is located in Alinor, Summerset. He’ll task you with gathering materials, crafting a ring, and then deconstructing that ring.

This Jewelry Crafting Leveling Guide for ESO is here to help both inexperienced and experienced players to help level this skill line. Whether you have the financial funds, or need to start from scratch, this Jewelry Crafting Leveling is meant to help everyone!

Jewelry Crafting is a crafting skill available in The Elder Scrolls Online and only available if you either bought the expansion “Summerset” before the changes to being a DLC with the release of the “Elsweyr” chapter, or have now access to “Summerset” as a DLC through either buying it, or ESO Plus.

Why Level Jewelry?

Jewelry is the one and only crafting skill in ESO that is locked behind DLC. You’ll need to have the Summerset DLC or ESO+ to be able to do Jewelry crafting, as it was released during Summerset. If you already have the base game and don’t have ESO+, it’ll cost you 3500 crowns in the crown store for Summerset.

Jewelry costs the most of any profession, and its ingredients are no different. Once you’ve maxed your Jewelry line and picked up all its passives, you’ll save loads of money and resources on jewelry, and you’ll have a leg up on endgame content. You’ll also be able to turn a pretty profit if crafting is your thing. Let’s dive right into the best ways to level up Jewelry so you can start getting those Chromium Platings and putting them to good use.

To start, you’ll need to speak to Felarian, who is located in Alinor, Summerset. He’ll task you with gathering materials, crafting a ring, and then deconstructing that ring. You can bypass this if you’ve already gathered materials and gained Jewelry levels by deconstructing ESO Crown Store .

Gathering materials for ESO jewelry crafting

Before you can craft any ornate, valuable items, you’ll need to scour the overworld for crafting components. These can be found in Seams scattered throughout the rockier portions of Tamriel. Interact with them to harvest Dust, which can then be refined at a jewelry crafting station and used to create new items. What you’re able to harvest is depending on your Engraver level and character level — here’s a look at what level you’ll need to harvest different forms of Dust:

Levels 1-25: Pewter

Levels 26-50: Copper

Champion Level 10-60: Silver

Champion Level 70-140: Electrum

Champion Level 150-160: Platinum

Craft Jewelry Items

If you have trouble finding jewelry in Tamriel simply because it is too cumbersome for you and ruining your gameplay experience by constantly diverting your attention, then there is another way for you. This is to craft your own jewelry!

Not only will it make your gameplay experience better, but it will also earn you Inspiration. This method has you set out on an adventure of finding seams, collecting dust, preparing ounces, and then crafting your own jewelry.

The amount of Inspiration you earn depends upon the quality, level, and traits of the jewelry you craft. Higher the values, the higher the Inspiration. For example, if you craft an Epic-quality ring with the Robust trait at level 70, you will earn more Inspiration than if you craft a Fine-quality ring with no trait at level 20. Additionally, using expensive upgrade materials like Chromium or Platinum will also increase the amount of Inspiration earned.

However, exciting as it may sound, this method can quickly become redundant since the general procedure is roughly the same. Also, it is worth noting that the amount of Inspiration earned from crafting is not as much as deconstructing high-quality or high-level jewelry. Furthermore, if you don’t intend to keep your crafted jewelry, you can always deconstruct it.

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