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They usually do not see each other during the day, Qi Zheng rarely enter the office,

They usually do not see each other during the day, Qi Zheng rarely enter the office, until after work, four groups of people can meet at home, including the two children in kindergarten and the second grade of primary school. In the evening, the home is particularly lively, two children play together can simply lift the roof, Ding Lanxin accompanied them, Qi Zheng is responsible for cooking. Every day, he can make a table of delicious food and wash the dishes at the end. In the first quarter of the bonus, Qi Zheng got forty thousand because of a certain increase. He gave twenty thousand to Jiang Dan and twenty thousand to Ding Lanxin. Ding Lanxin said, "Keep it for yourself. I said I don't want you to pay back the money." Qi Zheng smiles: "You when the household is good, I strive for the next quarter to give you some more." He has never been out of balance because of Ding Lanxin's good economy, nor has he ever stopped working hard because of it. Qi Zheng has never changed, from Ding Lanxin to know him until now, he has been fighting. On weekends, Ding Lanxin and Qi Zheng drove their two children out to play. Shanghai is too big, and there are too many places to play around to count. Every weekend when they don't work overtime or go on a business trip, they spent it in the journey. Four people, like a family of four, are intimate, happy and do everything. In Tiantian or Qi Rong's class, Ding Lanxin and Qi Zheng are affectionately called "Tiantian Dad" and "Qirong Sister" by other students. " "Tiantian Dad" and "Qirong Sister" sleep together at night, in the master bedroom, close the door,decorative palm trees, like a real couple. Ding Lanxin would put on a facial mask in front of Qi Zheng's face. Qi Zheng would also pick his teeth, fart and burp in front of Ding Lanxin's face. They talked about trivial things, such as the rising price of milk tea in the milk tea shop on the corner of the street, or the activity of watching movies for 9.9 yuan in the cinema. They also talked about some lofty topics, such as Qi Zheng's decision to learn English and get a bachelor's degree from himself, so that he could be promoted. But Ding Lanxin was not satisfied with what she had learned in the marketing department. She began to plan to spend one year preparing to go to the headquarters of Meixinning Pharmaceutical Company in the United States for further study for three months. Leaving Fujiang and the shelter of her parents, Ding Lanxin felt that the world seemed to open a window in front of her. Now she is confident and knows that through her own efforts, she can get what she wants, go where she wants, and love the person she wants wholeheartedly. Every day, every day, the air is full of happiness. For Ding Lanxin's goal, Qi Zheng is very supportive, faux ficus tree ,silk olive tree, because in his work, he also found that he has too much to learn. The headache is that after the summer vacation of the two children, Ding Lanxin gritted her teeth and spent a lot of money to invite an all-day maid aunt and a college student to spend the summer vacation with the two children at home. On this day, the Shanghai sales team held a meeting in the office until 6:30 in the evening. Ding Lanxin waited for them to finish and went home with Qi Zheng. Passing the market on the way, Ding Lanxin said she wanted to eat fried shrimp, Qi Zheng took her to the market to buy vegetables, picked up some fresh fish and shrimp, bought cucumbers and tomatoes, and finally went to the fruit shop to buy a big watermelon. Qi Zheng carried everything in his hand. Ding Lanxin took his arm and walked home with him. As he walked, he said, "I came home late today. Qi Rong and Tiantian should be hungry." "You had to wait for me when I told you to go first." You have arrived at the company, and I still don't wait for you? Anyway, you cook when you go back, and I have no food to eat when I go back so early. Qi Zheng looked down at her and found that he had really spoiled her for half a year. He says helplessly: "Before I am ill, you still can cook noodle for me anyhow, are you now degenerate so that can cook instant noodle only?" "A capable person works hard. Who told you to cook so well?" "Miss Ding Lanxin, what can you three do when I'm on a business trip?" "Order takeout." "There are two minors who have grown up in the family, and you can say it.". ” Why can't I say it? What's wrong? Are you tired of cooking? Do you want to go back on your word? It's late! Grinning, she twisted the flesh on the inside of Qi Zheng's arm. Qi Zheng hid from her: "You can divorce me. I can't live this day!" "As you say, take a break. Who's afraid of who? Don't touch me at night." "Who touched who last night?" "Go away!" Two people frolicked to the downstairs, Ding Lanxin pulled out the bag, but half a day can not touch the key to open the door, Qi Zheng cold on her head kissed, said: "slowly look for, don't worry." "Where did it go?" While rummaging in the bag, a timid voice came from behind him: "Lanxin!" Ding Lanxin looked back and his eyes widened. Du Juan and Ding Jiekang stood side by side. Du Juan's expression was awkward and cramped, but Ding Jiekang had a poker face and a suitcase on the ground. Ding Lanxin and Qi Zheng took the two old people upstairs and went into the house. When they saw them coming back, the maid aunt came home from work. Tiantian, who had been playing with Qi Rong, was a little stunned when she saw her grandparents who had not seen her for a long time. She dared not even walk past. Ding Lanxin sadly found that only half a year later, her parents were much older. She asked them to sit down on the sofa and pulled Tiantian over. Only then did the little girl softly cry out: "Grandpa, Grandma.." "Hey!"! Sweet, grandma misses you so much! Du Juan burst into tears and hugged Tiantian into her arms. Ding Jiekang, however, kept a straight face and stared angrily at Qi Zheng. Ding Lan wanted to make an introduction for Qi Zheng, but Ding Jiekang stopped shouting directly: "I know who this little bastard is!" Qi Zheng smiled and said, "Hello, uncle and aunt." Then he pulled Qi Rong and said, "Call someone." Qi Rong called obediently, "Grandpa and grandma are good." "What Grandpa and Grandma!" Ding Jiekang blew his beard and stared, slapped the armrest of the sofa,outdoor ficus tree, and frightened Qi Rong all over. Pointing to his nose, Ding Jiekang asked Qi Rong, "What are you going to call me?" 。 hacartificialtree.com


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